‘Stand by Me’ returns to theaters: Wil Wheaton remembers the coming-of-age classic

The classic film Stand by Me is returning to theaters nationwide for special screenings on May 23 and May 26.

Wil Wheaton was one of the movie's young stars and played the troubled kid Gordie. Wheaton recently spoke with Yahoo Entertainment about some of the many memorable scenes.

At one point, Gordie has to run away from a train. Wheaton recalls that he wasn’t acting with quite enough fear, according to director Rob Reiner.

"It is the only time he ever raised his voice to any of us," Wheaton said. "He says to Jerry [O’Connell] and me, ‘It is hot. We are tired. The grips are tired. I am tired. If you are not worried about the train hitting you, then you worry about me coming and kicking your ass,’ or something like that.”

Watch more in the interview above and for tickets and more information on the Stand By Me 35th Anniversary showings, visit Fathom Events.

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