Standon Calling Festival 2018: Laundry Meadows stage announced with The Horrors, Morcheeba and Maribou Stage to headline

Roisin O'Connor
Standon Calling Festival: Giles Smith

The Independent is thrilled to announce the lineup for its Laundry Meadows stage at Standon Calling 2018, featuring longtime favourites including The Horrors, Dream Wife, Hak Baker, Morcheeba, Ibibio Sound Machine, Flamingods and Gengahr, to name but a few.

The brilliant organisers at Standon have gone above and beyond to secure a lineup that reflects the diverse tastes of festival guests and the wider Indy music audience. One thing we're particularly proud of is that more than half the artists on the Indy stage are female-led, proving it's not impossible to curate diverse lineups that still boast a fantastic level of talent.

"Putting the Laundry Meadows stage line up together has been a real joy," Ami Lord, head booker for the stage, said. "The Standon audience have diverse tastes and we like to put on the best music around, that crosses a wide range of genres so there's something for everyone.

"It’s an honour to be able to book acts such as trip-hop legends Morcheeba, on the same bill as post-punk powerhouses The Horrors and play host to a homecoming show for incredible electronic duo Maribou State.

"Laundry Meadows showcases the best new and upcoming music, and this year I’ve been blown away by the talent and breadth of styles that are around right now. Independent music isn’t just for bands of white guys who all look the same any more; over half of the artists on this stage this year are female led acts.

"Some gems that I’m particularly excited about are Pip Blom and Meggie Brown, both of whom are incredible live performers. We’ve had so much excitement about Dream Wife and Hollie Cook, I’m expecting some record breaking crowds! Also, all the way from Japan, don't miss the indescribable Acid Mother Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. I hope everyone will discover their new favourite band here!"

We also caught up with one of our favourite acts on the bill - Dream Wife, to see what they've been up to and what their plans are for the rest of this year.

Hey Dream Wife - what’s been a highlight of your year so far?

The year began for us by releasing our debut album and that was a special moment. Getting to tour the album and play these songs internationally felt like an amazing exchange of energies with everyone coming down to the shows, you are all in the same place together at a gig and that kind of engagement with our fan base is really important to us. This is a conversation, but let's all dance it off while we're at it.

Looking at the Laundry Meadows Stage, who do you recommend people check out and why?

Queen Zee or Meggie Brown, fresh stuff, check it.

The stage shows that a diverse and gender equal lineup is easily possible, what are your thoughts on the lineup and do you think this is an example other festivals can take and use as an example going forward?

The Laundry Meadows line up is an exciting mix of women and female identifying artists. Normalising gender equality in music is absolutely important, especially for allowing younger female identifying people to access music, to feel like the gig or festival space is a place for them just as much as the boys.

What do you think the music industry is/should be doing to improve the parity and equality across the board?

To continue pushing the conversations that are happening now within the music industry, and surrounding it. To continue to encourage girls to feel like music is something that could be for them, amazing groups like Girls Rock are an example of just how much girls like to rock out too!

Who else are you looking forward to seeing at Standon Calling?

Bryan Ferry is a total legend, but Goldfrapp is the queen. It's a tough decision, but I think we would always choose Alison.

Standon Calling takes place from 26 - 29 July, tickets are available here