A standout Sunday Roast with Italian roots at Sartoria in Mayfair

Sharing is caring: Sunday roasts at Sartoria come for the table
Sharing is caring: Sunday roasts at Sartoria come for the table

Mayfair long-timer Sartoria has gone from strength-to-strength since Francesco Mazzei took the helm almost 18 months ago.

And now, just as he launches his second Italian restaurant with D&D, Radici in Islington, he’s adding an extra flourish to the original in the form of a Sunday roast menu.

Here’s what to expect from Francesco’s Italian take on Britain’s Sunday staple.

The main event The roast is the reason we’re here, and it’s a rather cleverly curated stunner. It comes to share, and is served at the table family-style.

The lamb option includes both tender, pink-centred loin and a gutsier mini-rack of ribs, with succulent, crispy fat and juicy flesh. There’s seasonal veg with plenty of bite, and fluffy wedges of potato in place of roasties.

Elegant interiors: Sartoria on Savile Row
Elegant interiors: Sartoria on Savile Row

The latter might sound contentious, but they work with the dish. All together, what Sartoria manages is to maintain its Italian ethos and turn out a dish that doesn’t feel out of place alongside others on the menu, while still feeling like a proper Sunday Roast.

As many other non-British restaurants have shown over the years — this is no easy thing to achieve.

As well as lamb there is a choice between chicken, suckling pig, veal rib and goat.

The rest The best thing about a roast here might just be all the extras that can come with it — from antipasti nibbles to starters such as an indulgent Grana Padano risotto or vibrant and delicious tortellini with burrata, ‘nduja and aged balsamic vinegar.

And if you want to continue the served-at-the-table family-style feel, a classic zabaglione is a must for pudding. The luxurious version here is laced with enough marsala to render it practically a custard cocktail, and there’s nothing at all wrong with that.

If the sun’s out, we highly recommend starting your afternoon with a spritz on the terrace to get you suitably prepared for a few hours of la dolce vita. And it will be a few hours, this is a place to enjoy an occasion rather than grab a meal — even if that occasion is simply Sunday.

When can I try it? Sundays 11am-6pm.

Cheque out: The roasts are available as part of a set menu on Sundays which costs £26.50 for two courses or £32.50 for three.

Info: Sartoria, 20 Savile Row, W1S 3PR; sartoria-restaurant.co.uk.

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