Star Trek’s Anson Mount Had A Sassy Response To The Latest Marvel Rumor, And I'm Sighing In Relief As A Strange New Worlds Fan

 Christopher Pike  in Star Trek: Short Treks.
Christopher Pike in Star Trek: Short Treks.

Seemingly no celebrity is ever safe from the Marvel rumor mill, and while some actors lean into unfounded speculation about their involvement in future MCU projects, it doesn't look like Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' Anson Mount is one of those people. The actor shared a sassy response to a social media post claiming he'd be reprising his Inhumans character for an upcoming project, and his reaction gave me massive relief as a fan of his Captain Pike.

The actor was suffering no fools when he spotted a tweet from a popular (though unofficial) Marvel X account, which alleged Mount's Black Bolt and other Inhumans characters who debuted in the panned ABC series would be returning for Avengers: Secret Wars. It seemed like an odd rumor, given the past speculation the film would serve as a soft reboot for the MCU, but it gained traction all the same. That is until Anson Mount saw it and fired off the following in response:

This is so interesting. Please tell us more about this contract I apparently signed in my sleep. I’m so curious to hear all the juicy details from a feed that is clearly not a click-farm.

It feels like a pretty definitive denial from Anson Mount, who was previously clear about where he stood with Black Bolt after his surprise return for Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. Still, it's good to hear that he hasn't changed his mind in the interim, especially for those eager to see him in upcoming Star Trek shows.

Anson Mount Is Already On Board For Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 4

Anson Mount only recently wrapped production on Season 3 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, which is due in 2025. Paramount+ also renewed the fan-fave for Season 4, which means his time as Captain Pike will likely continue again for at least one more season.

If Mount had to juggle being the Captain in Strange New Worlds Season 4 and duties on a Marvel Avengers movie, I would imagine it could reduce his screen time in the former by quite a bit. Star Trek: Discovery fans already faced a similar situation when actor Doug Jones missed much of Season 5 due to obligations with the Hocus Pocus 2 press tour.

I can't imagine Strange New Worlds without Pike, at least until the Captain finally has his fated accident. Until then, though, I want as much as possible.

We Don't Need More Of The Inhumans In The MCU

Readers may not remember just how ill-received The Inhumans series was, having shut those memories behind mental bricks. But a simple sign of proof is how few Inhumans are currently in the MCU, despite the group sporting a notable presence throughout Marvel Comics. We're talking about a series that was so panned Marvel executives wouldn't allow The Eternals movie to film in Hawaii, in part so that audiences wouldn't compare the two projects.

Despite that, Marvel did allow Anson Mount to return as Black Bolt in the second Doctor Strange movie, but he died pretty quickly after. The minimal appearance felt like enough closure for the character, so I have trouble believing Avengers: Secret Wars would include Mount and others, even if it was just as a way to get new fans to watch the one-season series with a Disney+ subscription. (Okay maybe that scenario sounds plausible.)

Considering the MCU is already struggling to maintain its footing with its latest phases, I can't say it'd be a priority for Kevin Feige to bolster one of its marquee sequels with the cast of a show that flopped as hard as anything the studio has released to date. We shall see, though, because Anson Mount could be taking us all for a ride to throw us off the scent!

While I tend to take Anson Mount as his word he won't be returning to the MCU, I'm definitely keeping an eye out on what other unexpected Marvel heroes could return in future projects. Fun cameos will be great to see in Avengers: Secret Wars, though I'm not sure the Inhumans are the best place to start.