Star Trek: Discovery’s David Ajala Is ‘Excited’ For Fans To See Additional Scene That Was Filmed After Cancelation, And I’m Really Hoping It’s What I Think It Is

 David Ajala as Booker in Star Trek: Discovery.
David Ajala as Booker in Star Trek: Discovery.

Like it or not, Star Trek: Discovery is weeks away from its finale. While the cancellation was unexpected by fans, the studio did allow the series to film some additional scenes to better wrap up the series rather than leaving fans with an unsatisfying conclusion to stream with their Paramount+ subscriptions. We here at CinemaBlend are jazzed to see how the series is wrapped up, especially after David Ajala's revealed that he's really "excited" for fans to see one specific scene. And I'm hoping that moment entails what I've been thinking about.

I spoke to Ajala ahead of the debut of Star Trek: Discovery's "Mirrors" episode and, while we talked about the installment, I also talked about how amazing it was that Season 5 has worked great as a final season thus far. When asked if there were any additional scenes filmed beyond the coda, he had some tidbits to share, which I believe readers will be interested in.

David Ajala Hinted At Additional Scene He's Excited About

David Ajala's Cleveland Booker has been tagging along for this latest Star Trek: Discovery mission, partly due to his skills as a courier and because of his connection to Moll via the mentor he gets his name from. As such, viewers have seen a lot of the character after Discovery's Season 4 ending implied he'd be gone. With that, I talked to Ajala about how great it was that he was able to be in the season given the unexpected cancellation. As mentioned, I asked if there were additional scenes filmed beyond the coda to wrap things up and, though Ajala didn't give a definitive answer, he did say this:

It's like–trying to explain this so I give nothing away. The way Season 5 was written and shot was so complete and wholesome, but then to be given a gift afterward, even though it's bittersweet that the show has come to an end, to be able to film some additional bits was so wonderful. It was such a treat because we literally just bookended a few little things. But there's one very specific thing that we did, which I'm so excited for the fans to see because it's... It exceeded my expectations. It's very, very special.

I'm not 100% sure what that means but, if he's excited, I'm excited. This just adds to the hype of the finale, which Doug Jones said gave him closure. David Ajala's tease of one element he's eager for fans to see has me very optimistic that we won't be disappointed. And that would especially be true if it's related to his character's relationship with Michael Burnham.

Why I'm Hoping This Scene Involves Booker And Burnham

I think that many of us are hoping get some sort of closure or resolution to Book and Burnham's romance storyline. Michael Burnham has struggled with love and connection throughout the entire series, so to see a scene where she and Booker are definitively together would be fantastic. It's also something I'm more optimistic we'll see now after David Ajala's comments above, and Sonequa Martin-Green telling CinemaBlend she was shocked that the early trailers showed Booker. Clearly, there's an understanding that fans are interested in those characters, so maybe she assumed his return was a surprise.

Let's also remember that this could be the final time we see either character in live-action. Sure, there are upcoming Trek shows on the docket, and Starfleet Academy takes place in the 32nd century. Still, these actors have other gigs lined up and, with the exception of Mary Wiseman's Tilly, few of the characters have any reason to be hanging around Starfleet. I'm still guessing Tilly will be on the show based on the response Wiseman gave me when I asked. However, the chances of us seeing both Burnham and Book together for any extended amount of time feels slim.

As such, if we're to get any sort of endgame for this couple, we're going to have to hope it is done in the scenes that were shot for Season 5. So far, this send-off season has been firing on all cylinders, and I wrote a while back that it's reminiscent of Star Trek: Voyager. Hopefully, it keeps that energy as we approach the midpoint and does indeed provide closure for Book, Burnham and the rest of the crew.

Star Trek: Discovery streams new episodes on Paramount+ on Thursdays as part of the 2024 TV schedule. Here's hoping we get another step closer to the team figuring out where to find that artifact, and that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands before that.