Star Trek fans in tears as new footage shows long-awaited return of Whoopi Goldberg

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Star Trek fans have celebrated the return of Whoopi Goldberg in the new trailer for season two of Picard.

The series, which follows the exploits of an older Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart), will see Goldberg reprise the role of fan-favourite character Guinan from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Goldberg originally joined the series in a recurring capacity, playing the bartender on the Enterprise D.

She later appeared in Star Trek Generations in 1994 and made a short appearance in Star Trek Nemisis in 2002.

On social media, Star Trek fans shared their excitement about the new trailer, and their delight about Goldberg’s return after two decades away from the franchise.

“Literally crying at this...” wrote one person.

“ Oh my god oh my god oh my god. Guinan! Guinan has a bar (of course). Time travel. Q. I’m all in. Make it so,” wrote another.

A third fan wrote: “Honestly Picard and Guinan have one of the most complex and interesting relationships on the whole show and I’m wildly hyped that Patrick asked Whoopi to come back for Picard season two.”

Someone else said: “THIS TRAILER HAS EVERYTHING! GUINAN!!!! PICARD! Q! SEVEN! RAFFI!!!! THE BORG QUEEN!? I am so excited my heart is gonna explode.”

Season two of Picard debuts in the US on 3 March on Paramount Plus. In the UK, the series is available to watch on Amazon Prime.

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