It's 2 good 2 be true: Starlings create remarkable formation in the sky

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The magical moment the starlings formed into a '2' (Caters)

A spectacular scourge of starlings has been captured on camera by a photographer who certainly seems to know how to kill two birds with one stone.

Snapper George Reszete's picture shows the moment thousands of starlings incredibly formed the shape of a number two above Didcot power station in Oxon. 

The lucky photographer had heard that thousands of starlings tended to congregate over the power station but it still took a moment of perfect serendipity to get the terrific - and Photoshop-free - shot.

He said: "I arrived at about 3.30pm and waited, wondering if I was in the correct location.

"At about 4.10pm the first trickle of birds started to arrive and within minutes the sky was swirling with starlings, there were thousands of them.

"It was as if a zip in the sky had been opened.

"The strange thing was though, despite there being thousands of birds in the sky it was very quiet, almost eerie.

"It was sheer bliss but it seemed to pass in the blink of an eye.

"How they managed to avoid the power line cables to create a perfect two was awesome but all too soon the starlings had gone."