Starmer is the new PM: What does the public now expect?

After the Labour Party’s historic win in the 2024 general election today (5 July), people outside Downing Street shared their opinions and expectations with The Independent.

Despite being loyal supporters of the Conservatives, some members of the public explained that they have now lost faith in the party: “I couldn’t vote Tory. All my friends are Tory, not one of them voted for them.”

Labour seems to have benefitted from the public’s disappointment with the Tories, with one person explaining that, “most people seem to have been voting against the Conservatives rather than for Labour or any other party for that matter.”

This comes as Sir Keir Starmer triumphantly entered Downing Street this afternoon, signalling a new era in politics and promising to fix Britain’s problems “with respect and humility.”

The Labour leader returned his party to power after 14 years in the wilderness with one of the biggest majorities in history, while the Tories suffered their worst.

Rishi Sunak announced he would quit as Tory leader and used his final speech in Downing Street to apologise to the British people and the Conservative Party.