Stars Who Refused Cameos In Original Zoolander ‘Begged’ To Be In Sequel Zoolander No.2

By Mary Gallagher

Zoolander No. 2 screenwriter Justin Theroux revealed that celebrities the movie “couldn’t afford” in the first one pleaded to star in the comedy sequel.

The 44-year-old filmmaker – who is married to former Friends star Jennifer Aniston – admitted that when the original film was made in 2001 it was nearly impossible to attract any famous stars because the movie poked fun at them, but this time around they were inundated with offers.

Credit: FameFlynetUK

Speaking to Yahoo Celeb on the blue carpet of the Zoolander No.2 premiere in London last night, Justin said: “During the scripting phase when it got announced that we were going to be working on it, we had so many people, incoming calls emails, inundated, we had so many people like ‘yeah I want to do it’ you know people we couldn’t even afford.

“We had that luxury which we didn’t have on the first one.”

But he said the biggest surprise came when the fashion industry was opened up to them.

Credit: FameFlynet UK

He continued: “That was the biggest shock that I had when researching at Paris fashion week.

“Doors would fling open, they would just clang open. And the ropes were parting. And Anna Winter ended up being one of our advocates.”

A slew of stars attended the premiere at Empire Cinema in Leicester Square including ‘Bridesmaids’ actress and screen writer Kristen Wiig, who plays new character Alexanya Atoz.

Speaking of being cast in the movie, she said: “It was…. What’s the word. I mean to come into this, it was one of my favourite comedies of all time and to be a part of the second one I felt nervous, and excited. I can’t (do a blue steel).”

Forget Blue Steel, Kristen’s character Alexanya has some pretty mental facial things going on. Think Ivana Trump with a car load of facial fillers.

Zoolander No.2 is out February 12.