Starving dog found wandering the streets ahead of Christmas finds new home

A stray dog which may have been dumped by its owners to make way for a new puppy at Christmas has found a new home.

Staff at Crowfoot Kennels Dog Rescue found the three-year-old lurcher they named Comet roaming through the streets of the Derbyshire town of Rosliston.

Comet was found walking the streets. (Crowfoot Kennels)

According to staff at the centre, Comet was severely malnourished when he was picked up and had deep cuts on his back.

Pictures taken shortly after he was rescued showed Comet looking extremely thin with his ribcage clearly visible through the animals skin.

Staff at the centre treated several cuts and sores on Comet's back. (Crowfoot Kennels)

A spokesman for the centre told Yahoo News: "“He was found on in Rolleston, he was just picked up wandering as a stray wandering the streets.

“Comet was very thin and had lots of sores. He was just very, very underweight.

“We have been taking care of him since and healing his sores.


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“He has actually now got a home waiting for him.”

Crowfoot Kennels said they tend to see a spike of stray dogs being picked up around the Christmas holidays.

They believe many of them are dumped to make way for new puppies on Christmas Day.

Comet has now found a new home, according to staff (Crowfoot Kennels)

Staff at the centre told Yahoo News they had no information about Comet’s owners since he was not microchipped.

A post about Comet on the centre’s Facebook page read: “This time last year and in previous years we get a big increase in stray and abounded dogs.

“The dogs are normally in poor condition and possibly been dumped to make way for the puppy at Christmas.

“This dog was found as a stray in Rolleston area at the start of the week not chipped and in very poor condition.”

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