State pensioners missing out on top up payments worth up to £9,000

State pensioners are missing out on pension top up payments worth up to £9,000 it has been warned. Those who receive the full or new State Pension from the Department for Work and Pensions ( DWP ) can get access to Pension Credit and Attendance Allowance.

850000 eligible people who qualify for Pension Credit aren't claiming the top-up benefit, figures from Policy in Practice have warned, meaning an eye-watering £1.8billion is not being paid to those eligible up and down the country as the Cost of Living crisis continues.

Alongside this, it is estimated that around 1.1million people are not claiming Attendance Allowance - which equates to around £5.2billion. Attendance Allowance is a non-means-tested weekly payment to help cover costs of pensioners (aged 66+) who need someone to 'attend' them.

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You can get it if you have a long-term health condition that means you need help with daily tasks. This includes sensory disabilities (such as blindness), or learning difficulties. You must have needed help or supervision for at least six consecutive months, or have been told by a medical professional that you have 12 months or less to live.

The lower rate is £72.65 a week (£3,778 a year). You'll get this if you need help or supervision during EITHER the day OR the night. The higher rate is £108.55 a week (£5,644 a year). You'll get this if you need help or supervision during both the day AND the night, or if a medical professional has said you have 12 months or less to live.

Pension Credit is a benefit aimed at people over state pension age, offering a top-up to their income. It's made up of two parts. While some people get both, many qualify for just one of the two. Guarantee credit is the main part of Pension Credit, giving you a top-up of your weekly income to a minimum guaranteed level.

Savings credit is for those who reached state pension age before April 2016, there's an extra boost available if you've made provision for your retirement via savings, work or a private pension.