Stay At Home Girlfriend: The TikTok trend that's got everyone talking

We've watched dozens of videos showing the picturesque lives of the ‘Stay At Home Girlfriend’. You might be imagining these as grainy black and white tapes I’ve fished out of some library archive- 50s propaganda for future stay at home wives- but in reality it’s a current trend, creating viral videos across social media. In the videos Gen Z and Millennial women take you through a day in their life as a ‘Stay at Home Girlfriend’. These are beautifully shot and calming, with soft narration over serene music like the kind used to calm you in a doctor's waiting room. A typical one would show a young woman waking up leisurely and opening the blinds, making herself a green smoothie, engaging in a 12 step skincare routine and then doing the days activity which is some combination of pilates, journaling, cooking, and shopping for designer items with wads of cash left by their other halves.