Stay safe and master lifesaving 'Float to Live' technique

With one in three people admitting that they do not know what to if they unexpectedly get into difficulty in the water, Active Torridge is supporting the RNLI’s Float to Live’ campaign again this summer.

According to the RNLI, on average 45 people each day are aided by their crews across the UK, and with the local beaches getting busier, Active Torridge is sharing details of the ‘Float to Live’ campaign.

If you find yourself in difficulty, the best way to float is to tilt your head back with your ears submerged. Try to relax and breathe normally. You can gently move your hands to help you stay afloat if you need to. Spread your arms and legs out to improve stability – and it's OK if your legs sink, we all float differently. Once your breathing is under control, call for help or swim to safety.

Chris Keeble, chief operating officer, Active Torridge, said: “At Active Torridge, we strongly believe that water safety is a life skill that everybody needs to know about. We teach all swimmers from a young age about water safety both in the swimming pool and in the sea, the importance of observing beach flags and how to stay afloat without a water aid should they get into trouble. I would encourage anyone that the next time you are in a safe environment to practice the floating technique for yourself.”

Claire Hodson, deputy leader of Torridge, added: “As we approach warmer weather and enter into the bank holiday and half term week ahead, we are expecting the coast to be incredibly busy. Whilst we hope that everyone has fun, we want to make sure that if an emergency unfolds, people know what to do. I’d really encourage anyone reading this to help spread the word to any family and friends – you never know it might just save someone’s life.”

For more information about the campaign go to Float To Live – What To Do In An Emergency – RNLI