I stayed at the Equinox Hotel, New York City's premiere spot for fitness-obsessed travelers. Take a look inside my swanky, wellness-focused room.

  • I recently spent a night at the Equinox Hotel in Manhattan's Hudson Yards neighborhood.

  • Equinox is primarily known for its ultra-luxe, high-cost fitness clubs. Its hotel opened in 2019.

  • With a spa, gym, and wellness-focused rooms, Equinox Hotel is a haven for ambitious travelers.

Since moving to New York City, I've looked at Equinox with a sense of longing.

The chain of fitness clubs is one of the nicest in the city, where memberships cost hundreds of dollars — a stark comparison to the $20 I pay for a gym in Brooklyn. With high-end amenities and locations around the city, Equinox is a place for highly ambitious, fitness-focused people to see and be seen.

The same goes for its hotel.

The Equinox Hotel, opened in 2019, has been dubbed the "fittest hotel on Earth," and was chosen this year as one of the best hotels in the world. Earlier this month, I got to check it out for myself.

I stayed in one of the hotel's "Deluxe City View Guest Rooms," which starts at around $995 per night. Business Insider paid a press rate of $495 for this stay.

Take a look inside my swanky, wellness-focused room.

Located in Manhattan's Hudson Yards neighborhood, the hotel is Equinox's first foray into the hospitality industry.

The Equinox Hotel in Hudson Yards, Manhattan.
The entrance to the Equinox Hotel in Hudson Yards, Manhattan.Jordan Parker Erb/Business Insider

According to its website, Equinox was founded in 1991 and has over 100 clubs worldwide.

The hotel, however, is the first of its kind. Located in Hudson Yards, one of Manhattan's newest neighborhoods, the luxury hotel is steps away from the Vessel, a flashy art installation. It's also near the High Line, a public park built along an elevated railroad track.

Having never been to Hudson Yards, I was surprised by how much I liked the area.

The hotel's front desk and concierge are on the 25th floor, giving guests a glimpse of what they're in for.

The Equinox Hotel's lobby area, located on the 25th floor.
The Equinox Hotel's lobby area, located on the 25th floor.Jordan Parker Erb/Business Insider

Equinox Hotel is located inside 35 Hudson Yards, a 92-story residential building with retail stores at its base. On the ground level, there's a SoulCycle, Starbucks, and, of course, the entrance to the hotel.

I was admittedly a bit confused when I stepped into the hotel's first floor, which was virtually empty, with just a long entryway leading to an elevator. But a doorman directed me to the 25th floor, where I could check in.

The sky-high lobby, with a swanky seating area and city views, gives guests an idea of what their room will be like.

After checking in, I headed to my room: A deluxe city-view guest room on the 30th floor.

A bedroom in the Equinox Hotel in Manhattan.
The bedroom was exceptionally spacious for a Manhattan hotel.Jordan Parker Erb/Business Insider

When I opened the door to my room, the lights softly turned on, and the automated window shades opened.

Stepping inside, I found a modern, high-end living area with more space than expected from a New York City hotel room.

My room had an impressive view of Manhattan.

A view of Manhattan from the Equinox Hotel.
The view from the room.Jordan Parker Erb/Business Insider

I couldn't have asked for a better view. Because of Manhattan's density, some hotels' and apartments' windows look straight into another building.

I could see much of the city from my room, including 30 Hudson Yards. Finished in 2019, the skyscraper is home to The Edge, a popular observation deck and tourist destination.

The room was stocked to the brim with goodies: One drawer was filled with eye masks, serums, and other fancy items.

Health and wellness items in the Equinox Hotel room.
Health and wellness items in the Equinox Hotel room.Jordan Parker Erb/Business Insider

The room came stocked with dozens of health and self-care items, like face masks and serums, many of which I didn't even know how to use. These goodies weren't free; if you opened or removed them, they would be charged to your room.

I didn't end up using any wellness items, but I loved that the option was there.

I found CBD oil, teas promoting sleep and immunity, and collagen supplements inside a cabinet.

Health and wellness items in a cabinet in the Equinox Hotel.
The room came stocked with things like teas and CBD oil.Jordan Parker Erb/Business Insider

Again, these items weren't complimentary, but I loved having the option to use them.

In line with its wellness-centered branding, it also came with fitness supplies like a foam roller and yoga mat.

A yoga mat, blocks, foam roller, and ball in the Equinox Hotel room.
A yoga mat, blocks, foam roller, and ball were free to use while in the room.Jordan Parker Erb/Business Insider

Some things did come complimentary with the room, including a drawer full of fitness equipment.

Guests can use the room's yoga mat, blocks, foam roller, and ball to massage sore muscles. I thought it was a nice touch and was excited to use the foam roller before bed.

The room also had one of the nicest coffee and cocktail bars I've ever seen.

The coffee and cocktail bar in Equinox Hotel.
The coffee bar came with several different types of espresso pods, and cocktails from Via Carota.Jordan Parker Erb/Business Insider

This isn't your average mini bar. The little bar in my room came with cocktails from Via Carota, an Italian restaurant in Manhattan's West Village, often buzzing with A-list stars like Taylor Swift.

For the morning, there were four different espresso pods to choose from, as well as a handful of different teas.

There were lots of upscale snacks to purchase.

Snacks at the Equinox Hotel room.
Healthy snacks like popcorn and nuts were a nice touch.Jordan Parker Erb/Business Insider

The only thing I was surprised by was that there weren't any protein bars or shakes in the room — I imagined that in such a fitness-centered hotel, there would be a plethora of high-protein snacks and drinks to choose from.

Still, the snacks that were offered were at least on the healthy side, and there was a good variety, which I appreciated. Like most hotel-room food, eating it would cost you.

The room also came equipped with two robes and two pairs of slippers.

Two robes and two sets of slippers.
Two robes and two sets of slippers came with the room.Jordan Parker Erb/Business Insider

I love cozying up in a robe, so this was a nice touch.

I fell in love with the bed, which uses the "Scandinavian Sleep Method."

A bed in the Equinox Hotel with two duvets on it.
The bed had two separate duvets, known as the Scandinavian sleep method.Jordan Parker Erb/Business Insider

The "Scandinavian Sleep Method," as Business Insider previously reported, involves using two comforters or duvets instead of one.

I thought it was a clever idea, as it allows you to share a bed without battling for the comforter. And because I was traveling solo, I got to use both — making my sleep feel extra luxurious.

A bedside tablet controls the room's temperature, lighting, and window shades.

The author holding a small tablet.
A snap of the tablet, located near my bed.Jordan Parker Erb/Business Insider

Using the tablet located conveniently on the bedside table, I could control all my room's settings.

One of the most interesting actions the tablet can control is called "Dark. Quiet. Cool," which dims the lights and drops the room's temperature. The button brings the room to "the optimal sleep environment," per Equinox Hotel's website.

One of the coolest things about the room was its shower — with the press of a button, you can change the glass from clear to opaque.

The shower at the Equinox Hotel.
The shower glass transitioned between transparent and opaque.Jordan Parker Erb/Business Insider

Want to shower with a view of the Manhattan skyline? You can keep the shower glass clear, giving you an unrestricted view of your room and the city beyond it.

However, if you're looking for more privacy, you can flip a switch, fogging the glass and obscuring the city view.

I'd never seen anything like this before, and loved the idea of showering while looking out at the city — but I also appreciated the option for more privacy.

All in all, I thought my one-night stay was totally worth it — and I wish I could have stayed longer.

BI's reporter taking a selfie outside the Equinox Hotel.
BI's reporter at the Equinox Hotel.Jordan Parker Erb/Business Insider

I love fitness and taking care of my health, but sometimes get so caught up in life that it takes a back seat.

Staying at the Equinox Hotel gave me an idea of what my life would be like if my wellness was at the forefront, 24/7 — and I absolutely loved it.

Its smart attention to details (optimized sleep, healthy snacks, and in-room fitness equipment) made me feel healthier, even if just for a day.

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