Staying cool in this close encounter with an inquisitive elephant was no easy TUSK

Couple have close-up encounter with inquisitive elephant on safari tour in Zambia. Brandon Reed and his partner were enjoying a day on a game driver in lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia when their car came across a majestic elephant. As the car pulled up for a closer look at the elephant, the animal suddenly charges the car stopping just short of the passengers and trumpeting in an intimidation display. While staying calm in this situation was no easy TUSK the driver and passengers kept their composure and managed to get away without disturbing the elephant further. Brandon who captured the hair-raising moment on camera said: "With elephants, the best thing to do is stand your ground and retreat slowly when it is safe to do so. "With one movement the elephant could easily have flipped over the vehicle." This video was filmed on the 1st January 2021.

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