Steak or fake? Sky News chews over Greggs' new vegan pastry

Tom Acres, news reporter

Not since the last PlayStation was released have I queued for something on launch day, and the sense of anticipation in the air was similarly palpable for day one of Greggs' vegan steak bake.

Following in the footsteps of its vegan sausage roll from last year, the baker has cleansed one of its most popular products of all traces of meat just in time for Veganuary.

And like the sausage roll, it's impressive just how similar the vegan steak bake is to the original.

The crispy pastry and gravy is much the same here, as is the burning sensation in your mouth when biting into it too soon after purchase.

One discernible difference is far less grease soaking through the paper bag, although the pastry being just as crumbly means eating one can still be a messy endeavour.

And to be fair, the vegan incarnation seems a little plumper in size than its meaty counterpart, stuffed with Quorn pieces and onion slices - the latter would be a nice addition to the old model.

Was it worth waiting 20 minutes in a cramped Waterloo store for a fresh batch, as bemused customers shuffled past to buy simple non-vegan goods? Probably not, but normally I'd have happily walked out with a doughnut.

For anyone who has found themselves staring longingly at a steak bake, only restricted by their dietary choices, the answer may well be yes.