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 (Stefanie Williams)
(Stefanie Williams)

Did your January fitness resolutions fail to launch? Enter Stefanie Williams formerly of @steffit for the motivation you need to push through the hump.

London-based Williams’ ever-growing fan base come in their thousands for the physical and mental boost that her workout videos give. Her fitness app WeGlow boasts 100,000 users with over 350 different workouts and real time classes that will act as your sidekick whether you prefer the at-home or studio-based gym experience. Former professional hockey player for Wales, Williams turned her expertise into bite-sized, easy-to-follow routines across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube and even a newly launched activewear range, SEFI.

Her workout routines are interspersed with beauty tutorials where she has the credentials to match after training as a makeup artist and working on shoots before returning to the fitness world.

We caught up with Stefanie Williams to find out the items she can’t live without.

What are you up to at the moment?

It’s been an exciting start to the year. I just celebrated my app’s first birthday, WeGLOW, and also launched a new update on there which I’m really proud of, as well as gearing up for a new challenge which will be launching this month.

I’ve also just launched SEFI, my own clothing brand which has been a pipe dream of mine for as long as I can remember and that I’ve been working on in the background for over 18 months.

What are your health and wellbeing commandments?

  1. Stay hydrated

  2. Minimal makeup always wins

  3. What you put in your body is just as important as what you put on your body

  4. Get enough sleep

Can you walk us through your beauty routine?

Glowing skin always. The way we move and what we put into our body has a huge impact on how we radiate. I stay hydrated and love to use skin products with vitamin C. I don’t wear makeup much either and when I do it’s products that are light and let my skin breathe. My heroes are the Ole Henriksen Banana Bright eye cream and Skinceuticals C E Ferulic Antioxidant Vitamin C serum.

What are your haircare essentials?

I love oils, and good hair brushes are key. I think I own about five. Also you can’t go wrong with a good hair mask, I probably do think once a week if I’m on it with my routine. I used the Redken One United Treatment.

How do you treat yourself?

Taking a bit of time to myself. A long shower always feels so indulgent; using my favourite body scrub, body wash and taking the time to wash my hair. Then afterwards, blow-drying it and doing my favourite skincare routine. It’s so rare to get the time to do all of those things, but when I can I always love it.

What are you favourite fitnesswear brands?

My new brand SEFI, it was designed for the gym and styled for the street. Fitness is my lifestyle not my life so wanted to create a brand that emulates this but makes you feel put together and effortless ,whilst still performing for any movement.

What kit should we all have in our home gym?

Personally, I just don’t think a whole home gym is needed. Due to circumstances over the last year, we were forced to move our bodies at home with very little and realised how doable it is! I only have a few essentials and even now with gyms open, I still love a home workout and the time it saves me in my day. If I was to use equipment, I’d say resistance bands are a must and of course I love training on a mat, rather than my hard wooden floors.

That all being said, there’s something about going to the gym and having that separation that gets me so motivated. That’s why it was so important that WeGLOW could hit both home and gym preferences and be flexible when you want to be.

What’s the one item you can’t live without?

Can’t live with out my hairbrush.

What are the items you keep stocked up in your fridge?

You will always find fruit in our fridge - and jalapeños.

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