Stefflon Don shocks Love Island: Aftersun viewers with speculative comment about Mehdi’s sexuality

Stefflon Don drew gasps from the Love Island: Aftersun audience on Sunday (25 June) after questioning the sexuality of contestant Mehdi.

The 31-year-old “16 Shots” rapper – real name Stephanie Allen – appeared on the Love Island debrief show alongside presenter Maya Jama, 28.

Discussing Mehdi’s relationship on the dating show with fellow contestant Whitney, Allen said, “I don’t know if he even likes females, I’m not going to lie.”

Host Jama replied, “Oh no,” as howls could be heard from the live studio audience.

“I’m not sure you know. Or he likes both [men and women]. He’s giving a bit of both,” Allen continued.

Jama then interjected, saying Mehdi can “do what he likes” before adding that she’d seen his behaviour with Whitney off-camera and that the pair were “very cute” together.

On social media, viewers were shocked and appalled that Allen had thought it appropriate to speculate about the 26-year-old islander’s sexuality. Mehdi has not publicly expressed anything to suggest he is not straight.

“Homophobia & biphobia during pride month?! Simply wild scenes and it killed my vibe,” one fan tweeted.

“Every year on #LoveIsland the public decides one man is secretly gay,” one viewer pointed out. “It’s always because they don’t think he’s manly enough It’s a sobering reminder that we’re not as progressive as we think we are, and explains why we have so many issues with men and masculinity.”

“To go on live TV during pride month and openly speculate about someone’s sexuality identity is so wrong and so nasty.

Others praised Jama for her “expert damage control” of the situation.

Allen’s comments come months after the release of the UK’s first gay dating show I Kissed a Boy, which has proven to be a breath of fresh air for reality TV fans.

Hosted by pop singer Dannii Minogue, the series launched on BBC Three and follows a group of single men living in an Italian villa who must kiss each other the moment they meet.

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Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.