Steph McGovern praised for new talk show

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Photo credit: Channel 4

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We never thought we’d be watching one of our favourite presenters hosting a new show from their own front room but here we are.

The Steph Show finally kicked off on Channel 4 yesterday with Steph McGovern’s highly anticipated new afternoon talk show starting off very differently from planned.

However, despite everything that’s going on, the 38-year-old presenter embraced social-distancing and delivered an excellent inaugural episode receiving high praise from viewers.

The show promises to deliver a “power hour of positivity every weekday at 12pm”. What could be better?

Steph joked that her home set-up is like “the Yorkshire Big Brother, with one contestant, and hopefully no evictions”.

The new mum has received an outpouring of support for her efforts to keep the show going amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The One Show’s Alex Jones tweeted: “So proud of you @stephbreakfast you launched a show in your house, in the most weird of times and you smashed it!!!!! It was never a question in my mind. You’re awesome and this has been a long time coming! #TheStephShow Love you.”

Photo credit: Channel 4

Another fan wrote: “Brilliant working from home set-up, well done!”

Star of The Apprentice, Bianca Miller-Cole also tweeted: “Well done for cracking on regardless! Love it. A true illustration of innovation and the all important pivot. That I keep on banging on about. Much love! I hope the show is a massive success.”

While actress Lisa McGrillis added: “This is amazing Steph!!! You are a hero and such a pro.”

Things are all go for the former BBC Breakfast presenter right now, who is also hosting her own podcast Not Bad for a Monday.

The Steph Show airs weekdays at 12pm on Channel 4.

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