Stephanie Davis suffers miscarriage

Stephanie Davis has had a miscarriage credit:Bang Showbiz
Stephanie Davis has had a miscarriage credit:Bang Showbiz

Stephanie Davis has been left "numb and empty" after suffering a miscarriage.

The former 'Hollyoaks' actress - who has five-year-old son Caben from her relationship with Jeremy McConnell - has confirmed fans who had speculated she and Joe McKalroy were expecting a baby were right, but she has tragically lost her unborn child.

In a lengthy Instagram post accompanied by photos and video footage from her pregnancy, she wrote: "Hi everyone. So I didn’t want to post about this until I was ready, I don’t think I ever will be or anyones is who goes through this but here goes.

"So as my beautiful followers a lot of you had asked if I was pregnant a while back when I wasn’t on the rides at Southport and you also noticed a lot of things, well you were right, we were having a baby! I was pregnant.

"We found out from so so early on it felt like we were pregnant for sooo long. If you remember I came of social media For a while, it was because we had a miscarriage. We thought we were nearly 12 weeks pregnant ( 3 months ).

"I had sickness from early on ( bad bad sickness lol I was so nauseous and vomiting) and crazy hormones so it felt a long time with our baby.(sic)"

The 29-year-old star told how she woke up one morning and "didn't feel pregnant anymore", and tragically, tests at the hospital confirmed she had miscarried.

She said: "I started getting really bad headaches one night and the next morning I woke up and I said to Joe and my mum and joes mum that I didn’t feel pregnant anymore, they know how I am and thought I was overly worrying and the baby would be fine as on our previous scans the baby’s heartbeat was beating beautifully. But as a mum I guess you just know…

"The anxiety the heartbreak and the sadness we have gone through was horrendous. Me and joe were so excited and already had visioned and planned a life with our family of 4. I was already looking at what I was doing for my baby shower.

"You think when you get further on like I was that everything will be ok, so it was a big shock. When they told us there was no heartbeat and the baby had stopped growing was just so upsetting."

Stephanie praised Joe and their families for their support during such a tough time.

She continued: "I had to have an operation to have our baby removed as was further on, I couldn’t have got though it all without my absolute rock, Joe. My mum, joes mum jane and Cath were amazing and our family’s and my managements support.

"After the operation I was so numb and empty and my hormones were all over the place.It was hard to accept there was nothing there anymore and our journey we were on was over. Joe was my rock and I love you more every day[heart emoji] (sic)"

And the actress hopes to go on to have another baby one day.

She concluded: "We are ok, we have got through it all as family.One day we will expand our little family when the time is right [heart emoji] (sic)"