Stephanie Davis ‘visited by' David Gest in vivid dream

Celebrity Big Brother star Stephanie Davis is clearly still missing the late, great David Gest a hell of a lot.

WENN/Channel 5

The pair struck up a close friendship during their stint in on the reality show at the beginning of the year before his tragic death in April.

Last night the actress says she was ‘visited’ by the luxuriously eyebrowed one in a vivid and beautiful dream. Aw.

Taking to social media this morning to discuss her experience, the ex-Hollyoaks actress wrote: “Had the most vivid dream about David G. Was amazing,he was back and I was talking to him,he said he was fine&having fun but time to leave..

“And he’s proud of me &was smiling but said he had to go,he dyed his hair by him self &didn’t do it the best.Smiling this morning☺️????ganganD❤️”


Wait, you have to dye your own hair in heaven?

“We spoke about lots and was so so Real!! Didn’t want him to go???? Lovely dream,” she added.

23-year-old Stephanie, along with then boyfriend Jeremy McConnell, was among the last people to be photographed with Gest before his tragic death at the age of 62. She also spent a lot of time with him in the weeks leading up to his passing.

Instagram/Stephanie Davis

She was badly shaken at the time of his death, writing: “My heart is broken. Grandad has gone. Last to get photo with him. We made plans and im gutted I won’t see you again…

“What an amazing man and a pleasure to have had times with u me and jezz gutted!”