Stephen Bear Removed From Celebrity Big Brother House As Fans Call For Eviction

CBB fans are calling for contestant Stephen Bear to be ejected from the house following a particularly violent outburst on last night’s show.

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Viewers were left shocked and outraged when the former Ex On The Beach star lost his cool during a row with Storage Hunters star, Heavy D.

Things became so heated that security had to be called with the incident being reminiscent of the infamous ‘Fight Night’ during the 2004’s Series 5.

When Heavy D was called to the Diary Room in a bid to calm him down, Stephen threw a mug which smashed against the wall.

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He was then separated from his housemates and told to sleep in a separate section of the house, a decision that he called ‘a joke’.

When he was told to calm down he ranted: “F**k off, someone please open this door now or I will turn this gaff over.”

Ordered to wait in the Diary Room, the reality star then got aggressive, ripping open the door only to be confronted with a huge security guard sent in to control him.

Fans were quick to criticise Bear’s behaviour with many taking to social media to vent their frustrations.

Many compared him to his old Ex On The Beach costar Megan Mckenna:

“Bear going full on Megan McKenna Ex on the beach doesn’t mix well with Big Brother #CBB,” wrote one.

While others claimed he needed ‘anger management’ and should be ‘thrown out’ or ‘removed’ for his ‘uncontrollable behavior’.

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However, most people were happy to just laugh at quite how petrified Bear looked when confronted by security.

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