Stephen Belafonte's ex-lover blackmails him over fake abuse allegations amid Mel B divorce

Sutrishna Ghosh
Mel B and Stephen Belafonte

Mel B's estranged husband Stephen Belafonte may be risking some serious trouble as one of his ex-lover threatens to spread false allegations of abuse against him. According to Daily Star, the film producer is allegedly caught in a blackmail situation after his much-publicised split from Scary Spice Mel.

The report revealed that Belafonte had called the police after receiving a threat from one of his former lovers. He told them the undisclosed woman threatened to make false claims against him alleging that he had physically abused her.

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Incidentally, such an allegation follows the recent statement filed by the former Spice girl in her restraining order. In a sworn statement, Mel B had accused her husband of being "controlling, manipulative and abusive" during the course of their near 10-year marriage.

A police source told the newspaper, Belafonte's lover bragged that her allegations would perfectly support the original abuse allegations made by the 41-year-old songstress against her husband.

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Belafonte's ex allegedly said "people would believe her given Mel B's domestic violence allegations".

In order to keep quiet and not go public with the made-up abuse rumours, the undisclosed woman demanded a huge sum of money from her producer ex, the LA police source told the newspaper.

New developments have been surfacing in the Mel B and Belafonte split drama frequently since the singer filed for divorce from her husband citing her tumultuous relationship. Apart from accusing Belafonte of physical violence, the singer – born Melanie Brown – even alleged that her ex forced her into threesomes and threatened to leak alleged sex tapes.

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