Stephen Colbert enlists the Muppets to help make fun of Sean Spicer

Clarisse Loughrey

Ever notice what a phenomenal fan of the word 'phenomenal' Sean Spicer is?

Stephen Colbert certainly noticed; The Late Show host enlisted the help of the Muppets to whip up a little musical mash-up of Spicer's usage of the word, specifically the furry pink beings known as Snowths and their rendition of 'Mah Na Mah Na'.

Though you'd think Spicer would have enough on his hands with the total unravelling of the current White House administration, it seems Trump's Press Secretary likes to keep a tab on who's laughing at him and how.

He already reacted to Melissa McCarthy's scarily accurate impression of him on Saturday Night Live by asking if she "could dial back" in the future; specifying, she "needs to slow down on the gum chewing; way too many pieces in there".

It seems as if Spicer is also attempting to laugh off Colbert's latest jab, taking to Twitter to comment that the TV host owes journalist Matthew Nussbaum "a little credit" after he penned a piece commenting on Spicer's love of all things "phenomenal".

The Late Show airs weeknights at 11.35pm ET on CBS.

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