Stephen Colbert revives alter-ego Stephen Colbert to mock Donald Trump's budget cuts

Jack Shepherd

Back when Craig Kilborn hosted The Daily Show, Stephen Colbert featured in prominent parody segments, playing a fictionalised version of himself who is extremely right-wing and relatively dumb.

Following critical acclaim, Colbert’s character was given his own spin-off by Comedy Central - The Colbert Report - which was on air for over nine years.

As you likely know, the real, non-parody Stephen Colbert now host The Late Show, currently the United States’ highest rated late night TV show.

Over the past months, Colbert has heavily criticised President Donald Trump and his administration, tackling everything from Kellyanne Conway’s microwave comments to those controversial executive orders.

Last night, Colbert took aim at Trump’s budget cuts, being highly critical of plans to cut the country’s Meals on Wheels programme, something that provides thousands of elderly people with food. In a surprising move, Colbert revived his right-wing counterpart to tackle the subject.

“Folks, Trump’s budget is getting heat because it’s supposedly cruel to old people for no reason,” alt-Colbert said, before launching into The Werd segment. “When in fact, they’ve got a very good reason.”

Pointing to Mick Mulvaney, alt-Colbert explained how White House budget director reasoned the Meals on Wheels initiative had to go because it failed to meet its objective.

“I know what you’re saying: ‘They did meet their objective; they brought food to elderly,” he said. Pointing to how the programme started in the 70s, alt-Colbert added: “I haven’t checked the stats but I’m pretty sure all those people are dead now."

After mocking the cuts further - including those to stop the after-school lunch programmes for kids - alt-Colbert concluded: “My real worry here is a lot of people night go to and find out how to call their congressman and tell them to protect kids and old people. Because if they did it could derail all of Donald Trump’s compassion.”

Recently, Colbert made headlines after playfully arguing with The Weather Channel, who named a storm after the late night host.