Stephen Flynn refuses to support England at Euro 2024 as he's 'member of the Tartan Army'

Stephen Flynn
-Credit: (Image: DEREK IRONSIDE)

Stephen Flynn has admitted he won't be cheering on England at Euro 2024 and predicted Gareth Southgate's team would crash out before the final.

The SNP candidate for Aberdeen South quickly replied “no” when asked by ITV whether he would be cheering on Scotland’s neighbours.

Flynn is an avid follower of the Scotland men's international side and had to cancel plans to attend all three group matches in Germany when Rishi Sunak announced the general election would take place on July 4.

He is still planning to attend the opening game of the tournament when Scotland take on the host nation on June 14.

After the ITV leaders’ debate between Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer last night, he was asked why he would not support England and said it was because he was “a member of the Tartan Army”.

He added: “It’s my hobby to go and watch Scotland play. We’re rivals, I want to see Scotland do as well as we can in the Euros.”

When it was put to Flynn that Scotland could not meet England until the final of the tournament, he replied: “England are not going to make it that far, so we’ll just have to go by ourselves.”

Meanwhile, Anas Sarwar said it would be "not a bad thing" if "the team next door does well".

Speaking on a campaign stop in Glasgow today, he said: "Of course I'll be supporting Scotland in the Euros, I want Scotland to win it - but it might be an ambition too far.

"If the team next door does well, it's not a bad thing. But if they come against Scotland, I want Scotland to win."

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