Stephen King rages as Maine massacre hits close to home

Author Stephen King expressed shock and was critical of the availability of assault weapons Wednesday after a gunman opened fire near his home in Maine, killing nearly 20 people.

“The shootings occurred less than 50 miles from where I live,” the top-selling novelist wrote on social media. “I went to high school in Lisbon.”

A car believed to have been used by suspected shooter Robert Card was located near a Lisbon Falls, Maine boat launch after 18 people were killed in a bar, a bowling alley and elsewhere in nearby Lewiston, local outlet WMTW reported.

“THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IN OTHER COUNTRIES,” King wrote to his more than 7 million followers on X.

When one social media user replied to say rifles used for war have long been accessible to the public, but mass murders like the one that happened Wednesday haven’t always been common, King blamed the availability of powerful guns and American culture for the nation’s mass shooting epidemic.

“It’s the rapid-fire killing machines, people,” he posted. “This is madness in the name of freedom. Stop electing apologists for murder.”