Stephen Lawrence's best friend ready to mend 25-year rift with murdered teenager's mother

Sean Morrison
Duwayne Brooks: He was with Stephen Lawrence when he was stabbed to death at a London bus stop in 1993: BBC

Stephen Lawrence’s best friend has said he is finally ready to tell the murdered teenager’s mother about the moments that led to her son’s death.

Duwayne Brooks said he had not before been unable to share the horrors of seeing his friend stabbed to death by racists at a London bus stop in 1993.

But 25 years on, the 43-year-old told how he was ready to speak face-to-face with Mr Lawrence’s parents about what he witnessed, saying “the conversation with them has to happen”.

It comes after Mr Lawrence’s mother Doreen, 66, and Mr Brooks had public spats over the years since the teenager was killed.

Stephen was 18 when he was chased down and fatally knifed by a gang in Eltham, south-east London (PA)

In an interview with the Mirror this week, he said: “To sit down with your best friend’s parents and say ‘This is what they did to him,’ it’s difficult.

“I mean both parents know what happened but to sit there and say, ‘I was unable to help him, to save him, to stop it.’”

Mr Lawrence’s mother Doreen, 66, and Duwayne have had public spats in the past.

And it was claimed in a BBC documentary this week that she had never forgave him for what happened to her boy.

Stephen Lawrence's mother Doreen (PA)

Explaining why it has been difficult to pluck the courage to tell Doreen and Mr Lawrence’s father, Mr Brooks said: “"How do you say that to someone's parents?

“How do you tell them what happened to their son, without being able to say you tried to save his life?"

Mr Brooks was with Mr Lawrence in Eltham, south-east London, when he was set upon by a gang, stabbed, and left to die in April 1993.

Viewers were moved to tears by the BBC documentary, Stephen: The Murder That Changed A Nation, which charted the events that led to Mr Lawrence’s death.

It also included footage of a recreation of what is believed to have happened on the night of his murder in 1993.

Neville Lawrence, father of Stephen Lawrence (PA)

Heart-breaking interviews with his parents were also featured in the three-part documentary that began on Tuesday night.

Neville Lawrence, 76, told has also recently told how he feels ready to forgive those who killed his first son.

He said: "The fact that I had to lose my first child has been devastating. I can't begin to explain the pain and the anguish me and my family have suffered over the past 25 years.

"So, in order to be Christian, I decided I'm going to forgive all these people involved in my son's murder."