Stephen Nolan explains sudden absence from BBC radio show after A&E dash following mishap 'in desire for chocolate'

Stephen Nolan has injured his toe in a tile incident
-Credit: (Image: BBC Nolan Show)

Stephen Nolan was notably absent from his own BBC Radio Ulster show on Friday morning following what he later explained to be a mishap involving a box of tiles.

In an on-air interview with Chris Buckler, who got a last minute call to step in, the presenter explained what had happened that led to him spending six hours in A&E. "I was trying to move 10 boxes of tiles. I didn't realise how heavy tiles were so they all landed on my big toe but the breaking news this morning is, the Shinners can relax easy - I am still alive," he joked.

Buckler told him: "There is a little bit of kind of reluctance to believe any of this inside your team this morning... because they don't believe for a second that you actually do anything like physical manual labour. You basically employ people to move things... so what have you been doing? Have you run out of men?"

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Nolan responded: "Have I run out of men? There's another front page story. Last night I was on the ground with all of these tiles on top of me and I started thinking 'what have I done'."

Buckler laughed in disbelief, adding I've seen the picture. Nolan said after visiting the hospital, he found "there is a wee sliver of a bone that has broken off".

He added: "The staff were fantastic, thank you very much to all the staff up at the Ulster Hospital. It was terrifying, it really was.

"I always thought my mother was exaggerating when Big Audrey says to me 'make sure that you wash in the mornings, cause you don't want to be found dead with BO and when I was lying there last night, I though 'is this it?'. Then a man came and pulled the tiles off me Buckler, I am not exaggerating."

Asked why he was so keen to get into the cupboard, he laughed, adding: "There might have been some sweets inside that cupboard which they put the tiles in front of - idiots."

Buckler added: "Essentially you've ended up in hospital in a desire for chocolate."

Nolan added: "I am telling you, there is a bandage right round my big toe. I've been in hospital all night, I expect you to bring me sausage rolls down to my house immediately after this show."

Buckler added: "I am sure people will have a lot of sympathy for you. Stephen Nolan will be back with his injured toe on Monday."

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