Steps on their wild night swimming in Jayne Mansfield's pool

Pop legends Steps share their ultimate showbiz moments, in particular the time they found themselves swimming in Jayne Mansfield's heart-shaped pool..

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Video transcript

- OK. OK. Here's the story that's kind of behind. I'm going to take the camera over this way.

- It's these three.


- It's those three.

- This bunch of trouble. So we were out in LA. And we were doing something with Disney. And we had some free time after we'd been doing our filming. So we ended up in some bars. And we'd had a few drinks-- end up in a bar where Gwen Stefani was in. It was like, oh! OK. That's amazing, because she's my idol.

And then we started talking to a guy. And it ended up being Engelbert Humperdinck's son, Julian. So we had-- so we had drinks with him. And then we ended up going back to his house. And his house, or his dad's house-- he bought Jayne Mansfield's mansion. So we went into this like really retro, like movie-type house, didn't we?

- It was amazing.

- And it had the heart-shaped pool. So we ended up swimming in the heart-shaped pool. But then having to escape over the wall.

- It was a bit full on [INAUDIBLE].

- Because he got a bit too much.


- Yeah, Lee saved them, yeah.

- And then we had to-- yeah.


- I had to find a taxi [INAUDIBLE].

- We ended up like climbing over a wall and getting a taxi home.


KATE THORNTON: You had to break out of Julian Humperdinck's love-shaped, heart-shaped pool with the help of Lee?

- Yeah.

- But that wasn't it.


- Yeah, so we swam in Jayne Mansfield's home pool.

KATE THORNTON: I mean, that is--


KATE THORNTON: That is the height of glamour, girls. And I commend you for that.