Steve Guttenberg says another 'Police Academy' film is in the works

Ben Arnold

Steve Guttenberg, who starred in the Police Academy movies, has confirmed that another sequel is in the pipeline.

Guttenberg, who played wisecracking Officer Carey Mahoney, revealed the plans in a Twitter conversation with a fan.

It would be the eighth film in the cop comedy series, which saw seven films released in quick succession from 1984 to 1994.

Guttenberg played Officer Mahoney in the comedies. (Photo: Warner Bros./Reuters)

The first was a raunchy R-rated comedy, with Guttenberg among a ragtag group of recruits who attend the academy of Commandant Eric Lassard, played by the late George Gaynes.

It made a star of Guttenberg, along with the likes of Kim Cattrall, Bobcat Goldthwait, and Michael Winslow, who played beatboxing recruit Jones.

It also signaled the beginning of a hot streak for Guttenberg, who went on to star in hits like Three Men and a Baby, Short Circuit, and Cocoon.

Police Academy is getting another sequel, according to Steve Guttenberg. (Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.)

Later films in the Police Academy series had a softer tone, however, aiming at a more PG-oriented audience, which resulted in diminishing returns.

The first film was released in 1984. (Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.)

The final movie, Police Academy: Mission to Moscow, was a box office disaster, making just $126,000 in the U.S.

By that point, only Winslow’s Jones, Gaynes’s Lassard, the late David Graf’s gun-nut Tackleberry, and G.W. Bailey’s Captain Harris remained of the original cast.

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