Steve Harvey’s List of Alternate Terms for Your Tush on ‘This Week in Game Shows’

On Family Feud, not at all surprisingly, a contestant used a common word for backside that may not be suitable for television. So Steve Harvey gave him a list of names he could have used in its place. And it was quite the list.

Photo: Family Feud

“Butt. Booty. Badonka. Trunk. Rear end. Anal cavity. Anus. The bread basket. Where the sun don’t shine. Your dark black hole,” Harvey said. He late added, “Ham flower.”

Yes. Ham flower. That’s a new one.

On The Price Is Right, Drew Carey just couldn’t help but to show off. He wasn’t showing off for himself though. He was showing off his assistant, Amber’s, new engagement ring.

And on Match Game, former professional basketball player turned actor Rick Fox got a little mixed up. When host Alec Baldwin asked him a question, Fox replied by calling him “Alex.” This could have just been a simple mistake, or maybe Fox is a huge fan of Alex Trebek because, let’s be honest, who isn’t. Baldwin returned the favor by calling him “Dick Fox.”

Watch this minister brag about his sexual prowess on Family Feud:

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