Steve Wright cause of death revealed months after BBC DJ died aged 69

Steve Wright's cause of death has been confirmed credit:Bang Showbiz
Steve Wright's cause of death has been confirmed credit:Bang Showbiz

Steve Wright's cause of death was a ruptured stomach ulcer.

The BBC Radio DJ died suddenly aged 69 at a flat in central London in February, and now his death certificate has confirmed details surrounding his passing.

According to the document, the causes of death were acute peritonitis and a perforated gastric peptic ulcer.

Peritonitis is an infection of the inner lining of the abdomen, and can be caused by a burst stomach ulcer.

Authorities had previously confirmed Wright's "unexpected" death wasn't being treated as suspicious.

In May, Westminster Coroner's Court said: "An inquest will not be required for Mr Wright. The coroner has now discontinued this case."

His brother Laurence Wright - who is the boss of a firm in the health industry - previously claimed his late sibling's poor diet and reluctance to face health issues contributed to his death.

He told the Daily Mail newspaper: "He was aware that he could have looked after himself better, in his lifestyle choices. Obviously we all wish he had.

“It’s like anyone who doesn’t look after themselves over an extended period.

“The normal stuff – diet, nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress – he was a very stoic kind of guy as well so if he had something wrong with him and he had to go to have some treatment or go to the doctors, he wouldn't talk about it.

“He was the kind of guy who would just carry on, take care of it, not talk about it, not make a big thing, that kind of stoic sort of attitude.

“That’s just how he was – that probably didn’t help really, because he wouldn’t have help or take advice necessarily.”

Wright was dropped from his BBC Radio 2 afternoon slot in 2022 – but since his death it had been reported he was part of the Beeb’s plan to launch four new stations on the airwaves.

One of the four new channels will be a BBC Radio 2 spin-off station, and, according to The Sun, Steve was set to be hosting a new version of his ‘Sunday Love Songs’ show.

News of his death was included in a 5pm bulletin on Sara Cox’s BBC Radio 2 show at the time, prompting the presenter to choke back tears before she paid tribute to the former host.

She told listeners: “It’s really hard to know what to say about the news of Steve Wright’s passing, except that we are all absolutely devastated and shocked and blind-sided by this news.

“Steve was an extraordinary broadcaster and a really, really kind person.

“He was witty, he was warm and he was a huge, huge part of the Radio 2 family.

“And I know my fellow DJs will be absolutely shattered too.”