Steven Spielberg's daughter Mikaela announces she is an 'adult entertainer' and recently told her parents

Megan C. Hills
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Mikaela Spielberg, the 23 year old daughter of film director Steven Spielberg, has announced she is embarking on a career as a “self produced adult entertainer” with ambitions to become an erotic dancer.

Speaking to The Sun, she revealed she has already released solo pornographic videos and had intentions to continue doing so in the future - especially after telling her parents about her new job.

A family friend told Page Six that her parents "are the most evolved parents in the world and love their kids beyond all measure" and "have always been supportive of Mikaela and try to understand her," although "they’re embarrassed by her sudden public admission of entry into the sex worker world."

Mikaela explained, “I got really tired of not being able to capitalise on my body. Frankly, I got really tired of being told to hate my body. And I also just got tired of working day to day in a way that wasn’t satisfying my soul.”

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“I feel like doing this kind of work, I’m able to ‘satisfy’ other people, but that feels good because it’s not in a way that makes me feel violated,” she added.

Mikaela said that her “main hope” was to get to a point where she’s “lucrative enough to where I’m not tied down financially by things.” She continued, “I realised there is no shame in having a fascination with this industry and wanting to do something that is safe, sane, consensual.”

Mikaela with her mother, Kate Capshaw, and sister Destry Allyn Spielberg (Getty Images)

Calling her decision a “positive, empowering choice”, she told The Sun she had talked to her parents Steven and actor Kate Capshaw about it over Facetime at the weekend.

She described their reaction as “intrigued” but “not upset” and revealed that her fiance - professional darts player Chuck Pankow, 50, - was supportive although it “took him a long time to come around to it.”

Mikaela said she expected backlash from fans of her father’s legendary movie career, saying, “People will be resentful about this...People sometimes can feel pretty entitled to your body, to your respect, to your time.”

“So I have 50% of the people going, ‘Let me see your boobs!’ and then 50% of the people going, ‘How dare you ruin this last name for us?’”

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Mikaela, who was adopted by the Spielbergs in 1996, previously wrote on Instagram, “I owe not a single person my autonomy or virtue just because of a name.”

Mikaela, who releases videos under the name Sugar Rush online, explained she intends to get a sex worker license due to the strict laws in Tennessee, where she lives.

Describing the culture of "shame” in the South, she said, “We still have this idea of what women can and cannot be - this is such a de-legitimized form of work. Even though it's legal to be an adult actor and make and write erotica privately, you can't do it publicly without a license in Tennessee…”

Mikaela's parents: Kate Capshaw and Steven Spielberg (Getty Images)

Mikaela has previously released videos online and intends to continue doing so, expressing an interest in moving into “fetish work.”

However, she draws that line at having sex with another person on camera, saying, “The reason I don't want to do anything outside of solo stuff is because I feel like it would be a violation of my boundaries and my relationship with my significant other.”

She spoke about her past, revealing she was a victim of grooming as a child “from outside of my family and not from anybody of notable presence.”

Saying it had had a “long-lasting impact”, Mikaela continued, “it had me questioning “What is my body? What is it to have a body and exist in a body safely? Also, what is it to be an emotional human being and not have it taken advantage of?’”

Mikaela said that she was “really out of control” up until about two years ago, explaining that she used to drink “every day... until I almost died a couple of times.”

Revealing she is in a “good place right now” and that she had been working with therapists, she continued, “I actually think that once [my parents] see how far I’ve come from the bottom I was at a year and a half ago, they’re going to look at his and go, ‘Wow, we actually raised [a] really self-assured young lady.”

Mikaela has six siblings who include Jessica Capshaw, Max Samuel Spielberg, Theo Spielberg, Sasha Rebecca Spielberg, Sawyer Avery Spielberg and Destry Allyn Spielberg.

Capshaw is an actor who has starred in Grey’s Anatomy and her brother Sawyer will soon be following in her footsteps with the film Honeydew, while Theo and Sasha are both in a band together.