Still a free agent, Dez Bryant appears to have been caught trying to use a burner account

Jack Baer
Yahoo Sports Contributor

In the still-running internet adventures of an unemployed Dez Bryant, it appears we have now hit the portion of the program in which he attempts to pull a full Kevin Durant.

The former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver appears to have tweeted and deleted a quote tweet in which he agrees with his own tweet criticizing the amount of respect he received from coaches in Dallas. It’s quite possible that Bryant meant to quote tweet himself from another account and simulate someone agreeing with him, but forgot to log out of his main account.

The tweet in question was screencapped by multiple Twitter users before it was deleted.

This is just the latest episode in Dez Bryant’s free agency saga, which up to this point had been mostly him commenting on his Cowboys tenure and flirting with other NFL teams that he may or may not be interested in signing with. Most recently, Bryant had pitched a possible fit with the Patriots and Redskins.

Dez Bryant might have committed one of Twitter’s most infamous snafus. (AP Photo)

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