Stingray photobomb: Sea creature gatecrashes group holiday snap with hilarious results

A picture of three seemingly terrified women being greeted by a giant stingray is spreading like wildfire online.

The "photobomb," posted to, appears to show a man lurking behind the group of ladies lifting a stingray onto their backs - much to their horror.

A 'photobomb' is a relatively recent phenomenon where an otherwise normal photo is ruined, spoiled or made all the funnier by someone who was not originally supposed to be in the picture.

Several commentators on Reddit have pointed out that the undated photo was probably taken at 'Stingray City', a popular tourist destination in the Cayman Islands.

At 'Stingray City' swimmers and snorkelers are encouraged to feed ground squid to the friendly creatures from a sandbar.

An offer on boat charter service implores: "Come kiss a stingray with us this year!

"Standing in only three feet of water you will be surrounded by more than two dozen friendly stingrays."

The spot has become inundated with stingrays because local fishermen dispose fish offal there. The site in Grand Cayman's North Sound has been a firm favourite with snorkellers and divers since the late 1980s - when a feature extolling its virtues appeared in the influential 'Skin Diver' magazine.