Stoke-on-Trent 'rat run' shut off as gas works get underway

Works have closed off a city road routinely used by motorists seeking a shortcut. Engineers are currently on a section Sneyd Street between Cobridge and Sneyd Green where gas works have started.

And it is believed the scheme will last 'at least week'. The project, at the Cobridge end, has seemingly been timed to take place during the half-term break given the location of Sneyd Academy further along the road.

Such is the busy nature of the route that speed humps were previously installed while red lines went up outside the school to tackle bad parking. Ward councillor Laura Carter is keeping residents updated with the scheme.

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In a post on her Facebook page she explained she had gone to visit workers on Tuesday - but they'd had to give up for the day due to the weather conditions. She wrote: "I have spoken to a local business owner who’d had a chat with the team and they informed him that it would be at least a week.

"I’m going to head out to try and catch them to get a clearer picture of what we’re looking at, and if the works will be complete for next week when schools are back."

According to roadworks monitoring site One Network, Cadent have permission to be on site until June 13. The closure runs from the junction with the A53 to the apartment blocks.

That isn't the only stretch where works are underway, here are more to look out for:

  • West Street at the junction of Mill Street in Leek is shut until May 31 to allow for water works;

  • Temporary lights on Berwick Road in Sneyd Green at the Leek New Road junction until May 30;

  • Water works on Ruxley Road in Bucknall until May 31 with temporary lights running;

  • Overnight closures on London Road in Newcastle between the Royal Stoke University Hospital and the town centre until May 30;

  • Gas works on Trentham Road in Blurton until May 31;

  • Temporary lights on Trentham Road, Alderflat Drive and Stanley Matthews Way near Newstead until June 3;

  • Brook Street in Congleton, between Mountbatten Way and Thomas Street, shut for water works until May 31;

  • Temporary lights on Kingsley Road in Kingsley Moor until May 30;

  • Telecommunications works on Leek Road in Werrington until May 30.

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