Stonehenge pillars were already in place before humans arrived, expert claims

Were some of the stones already there? Getty
Were some of the stones already there? Getty

When the builders of Stonehenge arrived at the site in Salisbury, some of the giant stones were already there – lined up with the summer solstice.

They weren’t put there by aliens (or anything similar), of course.

The builders decided to erect the rest of the standing stones around the two huge ‘sarsens’, giant boulders which may have lined up naturally with the sun, an archaeologist has claimed.

Archaeologist Mike Pitts, one of the few researchers to dig at Stonehenge, says that new evidence shows that two of the biggest stones at Stonehenge may have been there for millions of years.


Previously, researchers believed that such stones weren’t found in the area, and must have been dragged there from at least 20 miles away on Marlborough Downs.

The two stones, unlike the rest of the site, haven’t been carved or shaped – hinting that they were there ‘first’.

Pitts told The Times, ‘The assumption used to be that all the sarsens at Stonehenge had come from the Marlborough Downs more than 20 miles away.

‘The idea has since been growing that some may be local and the heel stone came out of that big pit. If you are going to move something that large you would dress it before you move it, to get rid of some of the bulk.

‘That suggests it has not been moved very far. It makes sense that the heel stone has always been more or less where it is now, half-buried.’