Stonewall water situation improving; Konawa still working to find, fix leaks

Jan. 30—The water situation in the town of Stonewall is improving, per the municipality, but the town of Konawa is still experiencing water woes.

On Jan. 23, the town of Stonewall posted on its Facebook page that the water system had lost pressure, and listed the cause as recent weather events. Then later in the week, the town issued a boil advisory, saying it would be in effect until further notice.

However, a Saturday post indicated that workers were able to fill up the holding tank overnight and would begin the process of pushing to the tower that day.

"You will shortly see contractors and PWA opening the fire hydrants to release air in the lines while we push water to the tower and lines," the post read. "Fingers crossed everything goes good, so water can be restored today! Please remember we are under a precautionary boil advisory until further notice. We are doing this until we do the mandatory testing since we were offline."

On Sunday morning, the town posted, "Everyone should have pressure again as the crew was able to push 60,000 gallons to the tower overnight. If everyone will conserve water, we won't lose pressure again. The crew will continue to work all day and throughout the night to keep pushing water so the school can be in session tomorrow."

Additionally, the town indicated that the amount of support Stonewall received during its time of need "is truly what small towns are all about."

"We want to thank everyone who volunteered their time to help our community. Thank you to Stormie Goodgion, Dollar General's Manager for the water we purchased and for rolling it out in carts for us and her kids ... came and volunteered to help pass out the water. ...

"Our PWA employees, Town employees, Tyler Laxton our contractor and crew.

Chad (Letellier) with Pontotoc County Emergency Management, and Stonewall Fire Department for their continued support for our efforts. ...

"Special thank you to the Allen Fire Department, Happyland Fire Department, and Roff Fire Department for the delivery of water!"


The town of Konawa continues to experience water problems, an issue that began about Jan. 17, and is asking residents to report any water leaks that they see.

Konawa Mayor James Nowlin indicated that it is believed a water leak or leaks are causing the problems, but finding the leaks is proving difficult.

The town has a water buffalo to disperse non-potable water and has been dispensing donated bottled drinking water.

On Monday, the city of Konawa updated residents on the water situation, via Facebook.

"We are still at low pressure trying to gain water to the west side of town," the post read. "We are asking that everyone that does have water try and conserve if possible. With doing so hopefully, we can get water up the hill to the west side for those who have not had water. We have been working to fix any and all leaks to the mains as leaks occur. We need everyone's help to report any leaks that you see. We appreciate your patience during this time."

One person who commented on the post said, "We have a little water today!!!"