'Stop Brexit' activist Steve Bray tripped and attacked by 'young Brexiteers' outside Parliament

Remain activist Steve Bray was chased and tripped by a group of 'Brexiteers' while campaigning outside Parliament on Sunday. (Twitter)

Shocking footage shows an anti-Brexit campaigner, known for his “Stop Brexit” chants outside Parliament over the last three years, being chased and knocked over by a group of "young Brexiteers".

Steve Bray, known as "stop Brexit man", was regularly seen lurking behind broadcasters and politicians during news interviews, interrupting with his megaphone.

On Sunday the 50-year-old, who wore his typical EU-inspired ensemble, was filmed being taunted by a group of men, one of whom stole his 'stop Brexit' hat.

In the footage, Bray is seen trying to chase after the man, but is then tripped over, damaging his megaphone as the men in the background laugh.

The video was originally posted by those involved, but was shared by journalist Mike Stuchbery who warned the incident was "not a good herald of things to come”.

He wrote: "A pack of young Brexiteers attacked Remain protester Steve Bray in London yesterday, damaging his equipment and leaving him with light injuries. The thugs were stupid enough to film their violence.

"Repugnant, and not a good herald of things to come."

Anti Brexit protester Steve Bray, here demonstrating outside the Houses of Parliament, was chased and tripped by a group on Sunday. (AP)

Bray confirmed the incident on Facebook, saying that he suffered superficial cuts to his leg and a "feeble effort punch to the face".

He wrote: "Yesterday SODEM (Stand of Defiance European Movement) backed a protest at Downing Street headed by Legally Privileged.


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"At the time of leaving the protest we were followed, harassed and I was set on by 6 to 8 far right fascists.

"This is the ugly face of Nationalism and thuggery, something we strive to stamp out and in all honesty happens time and time again to many of us. I'll let the Police deal with this in the meantime."

Bray said the incident has made him more determined to continue to fight for Remainers.

A Met Police spokesperson told Yahoo News UK: "Police were called at around 14:50hrs on Saturday, 18 January to reports of an assault on Horse Guards Road, Westminster.

"A man and a woman, both in their 50s, reported they had been verbally abused by a number of men as they walked down the road. One of the suspects then assaulted the male.

"The suspects had left the area prior to police arrival; no arrests have been made."