‘Stop the vaccines!’ Marjorie Taylor Greene launches anti-vaxx rant on Steve Bannon show

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<p>Majorie Taylor Greene launches anti-vaxxer rant on Steve Bannon’s podcast</p> (Getty Images)

Majorie Taylor Greene launches anti-vaxxer rant on Steve Bannon’s podcast

(Getty Images)

Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene went on an anti-vaxxer rant Tuesday that included her imploring the Biden administration to “stop the vaccines’ amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Republican’s rant came when she appeared on Steve Bannon’s Real America’s Voice podcast. 

“Businesses are failing,” Ms Greene said. “Our border is being invaded. We have, you know, we’re sending all this money overseas for more people to invade us.”

“We need to care about the real issues that matter. We need to stop the masks, stop the vaccines and stop Covid-19 from controlling our lives,” she added.

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The controversial lawmaker, who has previously supported theories linked with QAnon, has made headlines for her false claims about the novel virus and refusal to follow Covid-19 guidelines, including wearing a mask while in the US Capitol.

In March, it was revealed that Ms Greene was one lawmaker who was not planning to receive a vaccine for the novel virus.

“She is a perfectly healthy woman and doesn’t see a reason to do so,” said Ms Greene’s spokesman, Nick Dyer, the Savannah Morning News reported in March.

The Independent has contacted Ms Greene’s office to ask whether her opinion has since changed.

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Ms Greene has also introduced a Fire Fauci Act in the House of Representatives that targeted Dr Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and chief medical director to President Joe Biden

“At his direction, shutdowns & masks are ruining our country, for what appears to be a man-made virus that Fauci paid for with our money,” Ms Greene claimed in a tweet Tuesday.

What Ms Greene failed to mention was that Dr Fauci has no control over public policy. All he does is make recommendations, and it is up to the president as well as other federal health agencies on what policies should follow based on the recommendations.

Dr Fauci has become a target of attack from lawmakers like Ms Greene and other far-right members of the GOP.

Claims that Covid-19 was human-made and paid for by Dr Fauci have been debunked by health experts and top researchers, but that hasn’t stopped the Georgia lawmaker from pushing the conspiracy theory to her followers. 

Ms Greene was previously stripped of committee assignments by fellow House members for endorsing other conspiracy theories about mass shootings and the deadly US Capitol riot that took place in January.

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