EXCL: Storage Hunters' Jesse McClure buys Britney Spears' thong in new TV show

A new TV series titled British Treasure American Gold starring Storage Hunters favourite Jesse McClure will hit screens on Wednesday and have the Del Boy in you hooked before you can say “lovely jubbly”.

Jesse McClure in British Treasure American Gold (Quest TV)
Jesse McClure in British Treasure American Gold (Quest TV)

The Californian native says he’s the “Jack of all trades” of the antiques business and set aside $100,000 of his family’s hard-earned money to splash on British trinkets and clobber that he hopes will earn the McClures a few extra bob when he sells it on in the States.

Yahoo Celeb got exclusive access to the first episode of the series and chatted to Jesse, who said about his discoveries: “There is something for everyone… Whether it’s me selling a military tank for £30,000 or me selling a classic rock record for 10 bucks.”

He added: “I’m your jack of all trades kind of guy, particularly because I’m still in my twenties, and being American, antiques is such a subjective term where an antique in America is 100 years old but an antique here is 500 years old. So it clumps up together with collectables and vintage items. I’m looking for anything that is going to make me a profit.”

By “anything,” the bargain hunter means discarded underwear and human waste – yes really – and viewers will be treated to watching him snap up Britney Spears’ used thong and come across a piece of Amy Winehouse’s poo.

He said: “I’ve gotta be honest with you, right, the number one priority is making money, but I also like buying things myself. They’re (Britney’s red thong) proudly displayed in my office in Burnely. I cannot tell you whether I’m going to let them go know or not.”

In other episodes, with the help of his British pal Blakey, Jesse finds Royal memorabilia in Blackpool, Elton John’s gold sink, a giraffe and morbid medical equipment in Paris that he thinks will sell well back home.

But he’s careful not to pick up any fakes, saying: “There’s so much forgery. I’ve seen so much come through the shop where it was signed by David Bowie, it was signed by Prince, it was signed by Mohammad Ali, a boxing glove… You have to have the documentation, the story to legitamise it.”

The TV star refuses to make “dirty money” from his wheelings and dealings and will return items he knows would be missed by their original owner, adding: “I bought a miliary trunk full of WWII memorabilia and it lead to one individual, and it’s moments like that where you make the moral and ethical decision, do I want to sell someone’s stuff that served for our country, to make a couple extra bucks, or do I want to try to locate the family and return them to the rightful honour. I don’t want dirty money.”

Jesse is keen to make a second series and is currently “driving everywhere in my car Lily, whether it’s London, Stoke on Trent, Glasgow, Accrington, I’m selling off all the stuff I bought on the show now and I’ve sold over half of it.”

What has he discovered on his travels about Britain? He said: “Seeing people’s passion for football, I had to be a part of it. Iwent to Manchester United. But I’m an underdog at heart so I’m a fan of Accrington United. I do wish they’d be a little more contact heavy, punching in the face, to attract the American audience.

He went on: “Also drinking beer and eating oat cakes, that is my favourite thing of all time. But most importantly my favourite British thing, is your politeness, and it’s so refreshing. And I love your guys passive aggressiveness, it’s just so cute to me, I love it.

“Hopefully I’ll find a British girlfriend, too, so we’ll see!”

British Treasure American Gold starts Wednesday 19th October at 8pm on Quest. Freeview Channel 37, Youview 37, Sky 144, Virgin 172.

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