Store-Bought Gravy Ranked, Worst To Best, According To Customer Reviews

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If you'd rather not leave your gravy to chance and plan to go with a store-bought option, you'll want to be sure you're buying the best. With so many choices, it can be daunting. However, we've poured through customer reviews to reveal which ones are most likely to enhance any food you want to serve with it. Our list includes powdered gravy, canned gravy, and jarred gravy that comes in both small and large quantities. Some are ready to heat and serve, while others require water and a bit of cooking.

None of the gravies on our list has an average rating of less than four stars out of five. However, some tend to please more people than others. So, to rank these gravies, we looked at both their average star ratings and the percentage of customers giving them four- or five-star reviews. Where ratings were close, we considered the quality of the ingredients. Armed with our ratings, you can feel more confident that you're getting a brand and flavor of gravy that everyone's more likely to enjoy and that won't ruin your meal.

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Libby's Country Sausage Gravy

Libby's country sausage gravy
Libby's country sausage gravy - Walmart

Canned gravy can be a good option -- as long as you pick the right one. Since you can buy a can of Libby's country sausage gravy at Walmart for around $1.68 for seven servings, it looks like a good deal. However, it's certainly not as good as scratch versions.

Libby's makes a lot of canned meat products, so it's not surprising that its gravy contains real cooked pork sausage. Having meat brings the gravy up to 70 calories per serving and gives it one of the highest fat amounts -- 6 grams per serving -- from among the brands we considered. It uses modified cornstarch and enriched wheat flour as thickeners. Being a canned product, it also contains phosphates to extend shelf life and improve consistency.

A reviewer on Influenster said, "When it comes out of the can it's thick and what I believe gravy should be like for biscuits and gravy." But it tends to get watery as it's heated, the reviewer said. We actually tried this one and found that the sausage has more sage than you would expect from country gravy. Lots of people depend on Libby's country sausage gravy as their go-to for biscuits and gravy, but you can find better.

Great Value Brown Gravy Mix

Great Value brown gravy mix
Great Value brown gravy mix - Walmart

Walmart's store brand often compares favorably with name brands. However, when it comes to gravy, it's not quite as good. Still, it's cheap since a four-serving packet of Great Value brown gravy mix costs $0.48.

Being powdered, it contains no fat, so that's a plus for this mix. It uses wheat flour and modified food starch as thickeners, while chicken, garlic, yeast, and onion powder are among the flavoring agents. However, milk and trace amounts of eggs in the ingredients list prevent it from being vegan.

Some people who have been using Great Value for years believe this mix has changed, becoming darker and saltier. Some customers can't seem to detect a difference between this brand and name-brand gravies, while others say it's far worse. This one is a money-saver, but you might consider splurging on a name-brand version to see what all the fuss is about.

Heinz HomeStyle Chicken Gravy

Heinz HomeStyle chicken gravy
Heinz HomeStyle chicken gravy - Walmart

Heinz makes a variety of sauces, including gravy. Jarred gravy may look like a step up from store-brand powdered mix but not by much in the case of Heinz HomeStyle chicken gravy. Since it has about nine servings and costs $2.34 per jar at Walmart, it can feed a crowd. Plus, it comes pre-made. So, there's no measuring or constant stirring involved.

Since it comes in a jar, it's made with chicken broth and chicken fat -- it has 1.5 grams of fat per serving -- and uses wheat flour and modified food starch as thickeners. Some of the seasonings it contains include yeast, onion powder, and pepper.

One Influenster reviewer said, "It tastes so good and the texture is just right, its not [too] thick and paste like and it's not watery" (via Google Shopping). However, they admit to needing to add salt, and some other customers complain about it not having much flavor. It also doesn't seem to hold up well in the refrigerator, turning more watery with time.

Southeastern Mills Country Gravy Mix

Southeastern Mills country gravy mix
Southeastern Mills country gravy mix - Southeastern Mills

Southeastern Mills makes a variety of gravy and baking mixes, with the country gravy flavor being its most popular. The $0.97 packet of Southeastern Mills country gravy mix you can get at Walmart has eight servings, which can be better than a small gravy mix packet if you need to feed a crowd.

Even though it's a dry gravy mix, it has 3 grams of fat per serving since it contains palm oil, chicken fat, and dried chicken meat. Thickeners include wheat flour, soy flour, and modified corn starch, while flavorings include buttermilk powder, yeast, turmeric, and garlic. The dried mix also contains phosphates, which may make you think twice.

This gravy has a lot of fans. One Walmart reviewer said, "Its the perfect [thickness], not [too] thick but not watery! It has the perfect amount of pepper taste, and it's literally heaven in your mouth! I prefer this over any home[m]ade gravy anyday!" (via Google Shopper). Customers who didn't like it thought it was bland or didn't like that the flavor had changed.

Marigold Instant Gravy Granules

Marigold instant gravy granules
Marigold instant gravy granules - Amazon

Marigold is a company out of London, England, that makes a variety of products including bouillon and gravies. If you're looking for a gluten-free and vegan gravy, Marigold instant gravy granules might be a good choice. You can pick it up online from places like Amazon for around $9.70. With the canister containing about 50 servings, it will last you through several gravy meals.

While it has 62 calories and 350 milligrams of sodium per serving (more than most gravies on our list), it has less than a gram of fat. We also like that it has an extremely simple list of ingredients. Among them are potato and corn starch that serve as thickeners as well as yeast, onions, peppers, and rosemary to give it flavor.

Most people like it, but there's a bit of a disagreement on the flavor. One Ocado reviewer says it has an "[a]ttractive dark colour, savoury, tasty and has a herby, meaty edge." However, another Ocado reviewer says, "How can so many people be so excited by tastelessness?" (via Google Shopping). So, it may appeal to some more than others.

Happy Belly Brown Gravy

Happy Belly brown gravy
Happy Belly brown gravy - Amazon

Happy Belly is Amazon's brand of food and drink products. The brand boasts many highly rated products, so it's a decent choice for a small packet of dry gravy mix. It costs $1.02 and makes four servings.

One negative for this product is that its ingredients list doesn't include a lot of natural products. Beyond beet and onion powder, nearly everything else is a chemical or derivative food product. It contains both phosphates and the nutritionally controversial ingredient carrageenan, a red seaweed extract for thickening. This gravy does have the advantage of having no fat or cholesterol. So, if you don't mind a chemical-laden ingredient list, go for it.

The majority of reviewers are happy with this product. One Amazon reviewer said, "I'll keep buying this! Better than McCormick any day! And the best part, it actually thickens just mixing with cold water to prevent lumps & pour it in." Those who rate it low often point to all the chemicals on the ingredient list or don't think it has much flavor.

Harry's Turkey Gravy

Harry's turkey gravy
Harry's turkey gravy - Sam's Club

Harry's turkey gravy is one you'll find only in the refrigerated section at Sam's Club. It comes in two 24-ounce tubs for around $6.98. Each container has 22 servings, so it's perfect for large gatherings.

The ingredients list almost looks like gravy you'd make at home. So, it's on a different level than those gravies that are sold as a powdered mix. It starts with a chicken broth base. Other ingredients include shredded turkey, chicken fat, and veggies. You'll also find a plethora of herbs on the list, including parsley, marjoram, thyme, sage, and bay leaves.

A lot of customers tend to look for this gravy every year when it hits the store shelves around the holidays, saying they wish it were available year-round. One Sam's Club customer even said, "This is better than homemade gravy." Just don't tell your mother that. While it's not to everyone's taste, this gravy has overwhelmingly good reviews.

Chef-Mate Country Sausage Gravy

Chef-mate country sausage gravy
Chef-mate country sausage gravy - Sam's Club

Before you think about buying Chef-mate country sausage gravy, you'll want to note that it comes pre-made in a restaurant-sized can with 48 servings. If you buy it from a place like Sam's Club, you'll pay around $9.58 for it.

Something else you'll want to know about Chef-mate is that, per serving, it has significantly more calories (100), fat (8 grams), and cholesterol (15 milligrams) than any other gravy on our list. While you'll recognize, pork, soybean oil, and bleached enriched wheat flour on the ingredients list, this gravy is full of chemicals. It also contains phosphates.

Despite the ingredients list not looking like homemade gravy, it easily fools people into thinking that it is. And, being available in bulk from places like Sam's Club, some restaurants even pass it off as freshly made rather than canned. After all, the company that makes it (Chef'store) is a restaurant supply company. Most negative reviews are about getting dented cans online rather than not liking the gravy.

Tony Chachere's Creole Brown Gravy Mix

Tony Chachere's Creole brown gravy mix
Tony Chachere's Creole brown gravy mix - Tony Chachere's

Tony Chachere has been making Creole seasonings since 1972. If you keep this Tony Chachere's Creole brown gravy mix in your cupboard, you can make Creole gravy any time you want with its handy sprinkle-or-pour lid options. Since it has 80 servings per container and only costs about $2.62 at Walmart, it's the cheapest gravy per serving on our list.

In addition to being super cheap, it has the best nutritional stats of any gravy on our list, with only 10 calories per serving, no fat, and 150 milligrams of sodium. It contains enriched wheat flour, an anti-caking agent, and a couple more ingredients besides spices. Garlic, chili powder, dried peppers, cumin, and oregano add Creole flair.

While you can use this mix for gravy, it's extremely versatile. One Influenster reviewer said, "I literally use this for every dish that requires a white flour base. ... It works as a great thickening agent if your soup or sauce is too runny" (via Google Shopping). People use it in dishes that need a roux or those that just need a little extra seasoning.

Campbell's Beef Gravy

Campbell's beef gravy
Campbell's beef gravy - Walmart

Campbell's is likely a name you know and trust for soup. However, if you haven't had its gravy, you might want to give some a try. For just around $1.52 a can at Walmart, you can get five servings of ready-made beef gravy that you can heat and add to your food.

The ingredient list starts with beef stock thickened with wheat flour and modified food starch. Onions and garlic add to this flavorful gravy. However, you will find several chemicals on the ingredient list, including phosphates.

A reviewer on Campbell's said, "It's a good price and value for a meal with the taste of home on a Sunday with my family" (via Google Shopping). Once you try it, you'll be adding it to all sorts of meals from roast beef sandwiches and mashed potatoes to shepherd's pies and beef stews. Nobody will ever know your gravy isn't homemade.

McCormick Simply Better Beef Gravy

McCormick Simply Better beef gravy
McCormick Simply Better beef gravy - Walmart

Despite McCormick calling its pre-made Simply Better beef gravy "better," it still doesn't rank as high as its dry mix. So, it's better than some other brands but not necessarily better than its classic. It comes pre-made in an easy-pour box with a resealable cap. You can get a five-serving box for about $4.29 through Amazon. However, it has the highest price per serving of any of the gravies on our list -- $1 instead of mere pennies.

This gravy's claim to fame is that it has no artificial flavors, MSG, gluten, soy, dairy, or fat. The ingredient list includes beef stock, vegetable stock, corn and potato starch, and rice flour. Flavors come from yeast, onions, pepper, bay leaf, and thyme.

Customers with various ingredient sensitivities are thrilled to discover this product and find it tasty. A reviewer on McCormick says, "This is a very savory and richly flavored broth. I'm happy that McCormick was able to get that much flavor in with such minimal ingredients. The consistency isn't overly thick like some of the jarred gravys" (via Google Shopping). Some of those who don't like it tend to prefer McCormick's powdered brown gravy mix and call this iteration bland.

Heinz HomeStyle Savory Beef Gravy

Heinz HomeStyle savory beef gravy
Heinz HomeStyle savory beef gravy - Walmart

Heinz HomeStyle savory beef gravy is among the brand's best gravy offerings. Target sells a nine-serving jar of this gravy for about $3.19.

Some of the main ingredients for this gravy include beef stock and beef fat, with modified food starch, corn starch, and wheat flour for thickening. Some of its flavoring comes from yeast extract, onion powder, garlic powder, and other spices. However, it also has a fair number of chemicals on the ingredients list.

A reviewer on Influester said, "This is the best pre-made gravy in a jar. Not too thick and not thin." Several reviewers mentioned needing to add salt and other spices, but this didn't seem to affect their opinion of the gravy. Customers like to use it in a variety of recipes, including beef and broccoli and mashed potatoes. Most negative reviews relate to jars arriving broken. So it's probably best to buy this brand in person.

Morrison's Country Style Peppered Gravy Mix

Morrison's country style peppered gravy mix
Morrison's country style peppered gravy mix - Walmart

Morrison's makes a variety of mixes, from biscuits to gravy. You can pick up a 62-serving bag of Morrison's country style peppered gravy mix for around $9.88 at Sam's Club. Luckily, it comes with instructions for making just a little or a whole bunch. If you end up making too much, it also freezes well.

The ingredients list includes food starch and enriched bleached wheat flour as thickeners, palm oil for fat, and pepper for seasoning. Plus, it includes milk and buttermilk. The ingredients list also includes a variety of chemicals, including phosphates.

This gravy has a well-loved flavor. One Sam's Club reviewer says, "[I]t is the best white gravy mix I have ever used. I use this mix when I am serving large groups. It is hard for me to make homemade gravy for large groups. I use milk in place of water most of the [time]" (via Google Shopping). Some others add sausage. Negative reviews for this product tend to be related to customers only getting a single one-and-a-half-pound bag despite some listings saying that it comes with three bags.

McCormick Brown Gravy Mix

McCormick brown gravy mix
McCormick brown gravy mix - Walmart

McCormick brown gravy is an absolute classic. This highly rated dry gravy mix is only about $0.97 at Walmart for a four-serving packet. So, it's easy to stock up for future brown gravy needs.

The ingredients list includes enriched wheat flour, wheat starch, and beef fat. Seasonings include pepper, garlic, onion, and yeast. However, there are several chemicals on the list, too. So, it's not a completely innocent gravy. Still, all these ingredients have come together to make a flavor that people enjoy.

This gravy mix is a go-to for many people for a variety of recipes. A reviewer at BJS says, "I love the beautiful chocolate deepness of flavor in this gravy. Fantastic over potatoes and beef. Been an added asset to compliment my soups and stews with the delightful [flavor]! [S]poon licking goodness!" (via Google Shopping). However, there are a few customers who don't like the flavor or find it too salty.

Bisto Gravy Granules

Bisto gravy granules
Bisto gravy granules - Taylors Croft

Bisto gravy mix has been popular in the United Kingdom since 1908, and the package claims that it's "the nation's favourite." So, even if you haven't heard of it before, it has quite a following. A $7.49 canister from Walmart has 34 servings, so it will last through several meals.

This vegetarian gravy has solid nutritional stats, with only 20 calories, 1 gram of fat, and 260 milligrams of sodium per serving. It uses potato starch and enriched wheat flour for thickening and palm oil for fat. Flavorings include black pepper, onion, and MSG. The main negative is that it also has various chemical colorings, flavor enhancers, and emulsifiers.

A reviewer on ASDA aptly explains what makes it popular. "It goes with everything -- beef, chicken, lamb, pork and I even use it on veggie dishes such as veggie sausage and mash. It's rich and full of flavour" (via Google Shopping). A lot of customers mention liking the granule better than the powdered version since it allows you to make the gravy as thick or thin as you'd like.

Kinder's Roasted Turkey Bone Broth Gravy Mix

Kinder's roasted turkey bone broth gravy mix
Kinder's roasted turkey bone broth gravy mix - Sam's Club

The best store-bought gravy you can get is Kinder's roasted turkey bone broth gravy mix, it comes with four separate packs of dry mix. The box you can pick up at Sam's Club for around $5.98 makes 16 total servings.

The ingredients list looks close to homemade gravy and says that it's essentially dehydrated gravy. The gravy includes both turkey bone broth and chicken broth, chicken fat, vinegar, and wheat flour. It also contains onion and various spices. So, it has a more genuine gravy flavor than many powdered gravies.

This gravy mix has a rich taste that turkey gravy lovers appreciate. A reviewer on Kinders said it's their "favorite instant gravy" and that "It tastes just like freshly made turkey gravy that was made from turkey drippings. ... The herbs make the gravy taste even better." Another Kinders reviewer calls it "an absolute culinary delight" and says that it has the "[p]erfect harmony of flavors." This is one of those rare products where you just don't find negative reviews; everyone loves it.

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