Stores Brighton shoppers would like to see in the city centre

People have said which shops they would like to see open in Brighton <i>(Image: Andrew Gardner/ The Argus)</i>
People have said which shops they would like to see open in Brighton (Image: Andrew Gardner/ The Argus)

People have had their say on which shops they would like to see open in Brighton.

Uniqlo, John Lewis and B&M were popular suggestions as residents revealed what they would like to see open in the city next following Mango’s arrival in Churchill Square shopping centre.

Taking to The Argus Facebook page and website to share their views, Alex Callahan said: “It would be nice to have Uniqlo back in Brighton.”

Scarlett Jinman-Dunt said: “Arket, Uniqlo and & Other Stories.”

Debbie Appleton said: “Sephora.”

Lorraine Romaine said: “John Lewis or House of Fraser.”

Fabien Teissier said: “Uniqlo.”

Jennifer McFarlane said: “John Lewis, Monsoon, Oasis, Coast, Wallis, Roman Originals to name a few let’s get some choice.”

Hayley Louise said: “Bring back Debenhams.”

The idea of Ikea was also popular.

Debbie Leggett said: “Ikea definitely.”

Debbie Perkins said: “Ikea.”

Amanda Scholfield was one of many people who wanted to see John Lewis come to Brighton, while Sally McLachlan suggested the idea of having pop-up shops.

“When you think about it I think the idea of 'visiting or pop-up shops' could be a good idea in towns,” she said.

“That way you could be introduced to shops you don't normally have access to. See the quality, value, and fit for you and then would be more likely to purchase online afterwards.”

Rachel Gooderz Weller said: “It’d be nice to have some shops which cater for plus size people. Going round town yesterday was eye-opening and seemingly out of correlation with the more accepted view nowadays that ‘all shapes should be celebrated’.”

Anna Slater wants to see more individual shops come to North Street.

“Something unique and individual,” she said.

“I guess there’s no chance of that it's just going to be chain store after chain store after chain store same almost all the way down North Street.

“Thank goodness for the North Laine though I have seen a few smaller food chains there I hope no more can take hold it's soul destroying could be anywhere in the UK.”

Lots of people wanted to see more discount retailers in the city centre too.

Deborah Spiller said: “Home Bargains and B&M.”

While some mourned long-lost favourite Woolworths and soon-to-be-lost Wilkos.

Daniel Madejczyk said: “Well, before it went bust, I think Wilko would have done well in Brighton.”

Matthew Hide said: “I’d love to see Woolworths make a comeback in general.”