Stories that made us smile this week

STORY: Stories that made us smile this week

Location: Beijing, China

Mandarin-speaking Albert Einstein humanoid

was showcased at the World Robot Conference in China

Could you win a game of underwater chess?

Location: London, England

10 players took part in the dive chess world championships

(Winner, Michal Mazurkiewicz) ''In my opinion, however opinions are very split, I think that 60 percent is chess and 40 percent is like other skills swimming, keeping your body controlled, your pressure and your breath."

Location: Medellin, Colombia

Colombian silleteros carried heavy flower arrangements on their backs

during the Flower Festival that celebrates the art of floristry

Location: Ashbury Park, New Jersey

‘Yappy Hour’ in Ashbury Park let dogs unwind with their owners

(Chelsea DeLisa, Dog owner) "He loves it. He's tired right now, but when we first got here, he was running around, pool jumping. They have a bunch of pools here so he's just running around in the pools."

JOURNALIST ASKING (OFF CAMERA): "What's his favorite part?"

(John Granucci, Dog owner) "The pool, the pools, the pools and the socializing is great."