Storks return home in Thailand only to find trees have been replaced by mobile phone towers

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This is how dozens of storks built their nests after returning home to find the trees had been replaced with mobile phone towers. The birds had lived for decades in the woodland next to Songkhla Zoo lake in southern Thailand. But they flocked to a neighboring region when the zoo built a new lake and walkway, leading to the destruction of their natural homes. Footage from last Friday (Jan 17) morning shows how the majestic birds had returned hoping to take up nesting in their old forests. But they were forced into the 99ft high metal mobile phone communication towers, where they could be seen making beds of straw. The zoo's conservation department said staff will give the storks raw fish in the morning and start planning to produce a wooden bird nesting cottage for them to live in. They said: "At first the storks have to become familiar with staff, then we will build the floating cottage for them to live naturally in the outdoor area. "Moreover, we would like to use them to be one of the attraction points in the zoo."

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