Storm Chaser Captures Formation of Destructive EF-3 Tornado in Andover, Kansas

A storm chaser captured the moment a destructive EF-3 tornado formed in Andover, Kansas, on Friday, April 29.

Local authorities confirmed more than 1,000 structures were damaged by the event and that four people were injured.

The National Weather Service said the tornado travelled for a total of 12.75 miles with winds reaching speeds of 165 miles per hour. Credit: Jonny B Storm Chasing via Storyful

Video transcript

- That's-- that's like what you see in the movies then. That's just a so picturesque.

- Yeah, like--

- [INAUDIBLE] grey planes for you right there.


- The second area of circulation developing in that vicinity. So [INAUDIBLE] for other areas of development.

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