What a ride! Adrenaline junkie kayaks down drain at 35MPH

Chris Parsons
News Editor

Adrenaline junkie Ben Marr has the ride of his life - by kayaking down a steep storm drain at 35mph.

The daring stuntman filmed himself flying down the terrifyingly steep drainage ditch on his kayak before splashing into a reservoir in British Columbia.

Athlete Ben, 27, explains how he hiked up the huge storm drain in Lions Bay, before edging his kayak into the rushing downward waters.

Seconds later he is speeding down the man-made ditch, battling to keep his red kayak upright.

For most of the 90-second journey Ben doesn't even have to paddle, as the force of the storm drain current coupled with the fearsome downhill plunge send him rocketing along.

He eventually plunges into a large reservoir, where he can be heard saying that he travelled at 56kph (35mph).