Storm Sebastien: Flood warnings in place as remnants of tropical storm could batter UK

Flood-ravaged areas are bracing themselves for more heavy rain over the next five days as the UK could feel the remnants of a tropical storm.

Storm Sebastien, which formed in the tropical Atlantic last week, is moving northeastwards and looks set to affect the UK by midweek.

Sky News weather presenter Isobel Lang said: "More rain is forecast this week with the focus across southern and northeastern parts of the UK for the heaviest totals at this stage.

"The remnants of tropical storm Sebastien will raise concerns too. This storm formed in the tropical Atlantic last Tuesday and had since meandered around looking rather uneventful.

"However, it is now moving northeastwards at more of a pace and its remnants look set to affect us in some way by midweek.

"The remnants of this tropical storm are likely to bring outbreaks of heavy rain and coastal gales, coinciding with some high spring tides across much of the UK through Tuesday and Wednesday and the Met Office has weather warnings in force in anticipation."

As Saturday's rain cleared north into Scotland and northern England, southwest England and south Wales are preparing for downpours over the coming days - with yellow weather warnings in place until Wednesday amid fears that 40mm to 60mm (1.5in to 2.3in) of rain could fall.

The Met Office says that by midweek, the East Midlands and South Yorkshire are also expecting a deluge, on top of the ground already flooded earlier this month, with a yellow weather warning with the possibility of flooding already in place.

Seven flood warnings are in place across England and Wales along with 60 less severe flood alerts.

Met Office weather forecaster Alex Burkill said: "Across the next five days we have got warnings for each day.

"On Wednesday it's covering that area of Yorkshire and Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, that area which saw the severe flooding.

"At the moment, the rainfall is not expected to be particularly heavy for the time of year, but we are expecting it to be significant.

"There are likely to be some impacts."

The army was called earlier this month to help affected communities after towns and villages around Doncaster and Sheffield and parts of the Midlands were drenched by heavy downpours.

Doncaster Council said more than 900 homes and businesses in the town were affected by the rain earlier this month.

Drier but colder weather is expected for later in the week with the possibility of some night frosts and snow showers over northern hills.

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