Stormy Daniels reveals biggest regret as Donald Trump awaits sentence

Adult film actress Stormy Daniels
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Adult film star Stormy Daniels said her biggest regret is walking into Donald Trump’s hotel suite, which eventually led to her £102,000 hush money deal.

The hush money paid to Ms Daniels in the run up to the 2016 US election led to Trump being found guilty of 34 counts of falsifying business records in a New York trial on Thursday. Although proud to have provided evidence that led to the former president's conviction - making Trump the first US leader to have been found guilty of a crime - Ms Daniels, 45, wishes she had never met him for dinner.

The pair were introduced at a celebrity golf tournament, where the actress alleges they would later have sex.

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"If I could go back in time to July 2006, I would not have accepted Trump's invitation to dinner in Lake Tahoe", she told the Mirror.

“I definitely regret putting myself in that situation, but I am not the one who should be ashamed. I'm not the one who was married, had ulterior motives or was dishonest.”

She continues: “I get asked a lot, like if you could go back and do it again or do this again, and I say how far back because if I went all the way back, I would not have gone to his room.

“I get asked like was it worth it to speak out and to stand up to being bullied and to clear your name or whatever and most of the time, I say ‘yes’.

"But going to his room, I will regret forevermore."

After their 2006 meeting, they had several more non-sexual encounters. During the 77-year-old's trial, she told jurors they saw each other again in January 2007, when he invited her to the launch of his Trump vodka brand.

While she was there, she said, he introduced her to his friend "Karen," who she later learned was Karen McDougal, a former Playboy model who said she was having a months-long affair with Trump during that period. Stormy said he also invited her to Trump Tower around that time and assured her, "I'm still working on the ‘Apprentice’ thing."

She said they last saw each other in the summer of 2007, when he invited her to see him at a bungalow he was staying at in Los Angeles. She said that he "kept trying to make sexual advances" but that she shot him down.

"I told him I was on my period," she said. He said he later called her and told her he hadn't been able to get her on his Apprentice show.

She never heard from him again. She adds: “I haven't spoken to Trump since mid-2007 and have no desire to do so."

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